9th Street active feet….review….

So, I decided to forgo my wonderful neighbourhood fleet feet store today in favor of the truly local 9th street active feet in Durham NC.


Well here’s my review.  C+

The sales people who do gait analysis didn’t actually analyze my running, they looked at my walking.  They were polite, but not enthusiastic about running.  (odd, for a place that sells running shoes almost exclusively.)  They do not carry the Mizuno brand of shoes and so according to the sales person ,”I don’t know anything about the shoes”.

Pluses, the salesperson did know about running and was able to fit me correctly and explain some of the things I was doing with my other shoes was probably making them cause pain (lacing very tightly).  They were stocked in the supa-Narrow shoes that I need.  Also good selection of swimming stuff (not everywhere does that).  Shoes are not on display which for a touchy gal like me was difficult.

Store was very clean and new, and such.

But just to let you know guys, I’ll be going back to Fleet Feet of Carrboro NC.  They stock more shoes, the salespeople have great personalities, and are excited about running. The sales people watch you run so they are sure the shoe is working for you. They are knowledgeable about all sorts of shoes even ones they don’t carry (Think LOCO brand, relatively new…not carried at Fleet Feet, but they know them) and they have women (not men) who can fit you in a bra.

I did get fit into a new pair of Brooks Addiction, we’ll see if I stick with Brooks.  I think in another 250 or so miles, I might be back to a Mizuno.  But we’ll see, the Brooks did feel pretty darn good.  Also, nice sales rack for Bras.

Surprisingly not many runners in the store, mostly older ladies getting fitter for walking shoes (which I thought was cool…) the sales people did take the walking older ladies seriously and I liked that a lot.

So some good, but not all together impressed.  Fleet Feet just has better, smiley staff who do proper gait analysis.  Oh and for crying out loud.  Hire a female! The guy working with me admitted the whole bra thing is a mystery to him, and as nice as he was, I didn’t want him fitting me for my Bra….

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8 thoughts on “9th Street active feet….review….

  1. Well, yes, but then I get to where I'm spending too much computer time. I'm going to keep trying to use Vox though.

    Afraid my entries wil be a bit boooring, as all I do is runand work. And run some more.

  2. Yes. I'm still searching for proper balance. I believe I need a sitting still hobby, beyond reading. A creative hobby, where i make stuff. I just have no idea what.

    🙂 for now, run ,read, run, work, run.

  3. I used to play the cello, though that was more like a career than a hobby (Went to an arts high school for a year and did a tour that included Alice tully hall and a few others in Detroit and DC)…

    don't play anymore. I have done some collage work which is fun, but so messy. And crossstitch which isn't really creative, as its just pattern following the way I do it.
    Don't really do much of that anymore!

  4. You know, I've been thinking about htis one and I don't really know! I have always liked the idea of learning to make mosaic, btu then the problem comes in with what to do with the stuff….I mean one mosaic'ed table on the patio is nice, and even some mosiac table protectors (coasters), but after that, it can be a bit much.

    When i move I'm going to have a lot of extra space, so, maybe I'll set up a "craft room" and try out some new things… maybe.

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