Yay for me.


I had a pretty bad early day.  I didn't particularly understand the mortgage interest agreement, so I had to cal the bank and try to figure it out.  About 3:30 pm I finally got in touch with the Mortgage broker and it was all made clear.  I can be a dunderhead about these things.  I locked in the interest rate today.

After that, I drove into the city to try to see/run the race course and stop by another shoe store.  The store had the shoes, but again as always, not in my size. 

The race course turns out to be in sort of an iffy part of town.  So I drove it, and figure on SUnday there will be so many people it will be sort of safer. 


then I decided to dye my hair, and managed to put 2 drops of dye directly into my eye with my contact in OUCH!!!!  I flushed the eye and then finally got the lens off.  and flushed some more.  Annoyed, but happy I can still see pretty well.

After all this I went and ate at Hardees.  SO not on my diet. 

After that I managed to run 4.25 miles in about 44 mins.  not too shabby.  Maybe I need to eat more calories. 

Still feel sore from the Brendan workout.


I did do one set of weights today.  I figure if I do just one set of arms each time I am in the gym, I will be doing strength training in little bits.  SOme part of me says this is not the way it goes, but….

Best news, I linked my Vox blog to an email I sent to Fleet Feet, and the manager read the whole thing (I only meant her to read one entry about her store) she emailed me back all about the shoes.  She will let me return the 9th st shoes to her for credit at Fleet Feet, pretty cool person.  Yay! 

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