Turkey Trot

So I just have to express my opinion here.


Millions of folks all over the United States will be spending Thanksgiving morning running races.  5K 10K, 8 miles 15K some longer.  Almost all of them have this not so endearing name of "Turkey Trot"  Personally, It makes me think of ungainly turkeys running away from the chopping block.  Lots of fat and feathers flying.


I think we should make an effort to rename this turkey trot traditional run, maybe something a little more graceful.

Here's some names I came up with that I think would look much better on a t shirt.

*Gratitude Gambol

* Gratitude Gallop


* Appreciation Amble

* Thanksgiving traipse

or even Turkey Traipse.

It would be good for all of us running in the TUrkey Trots to reflect during our trot, no matter how short or long, how good it is to be able to move the body!  Best not to focus on the eating…



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2 thoughts on “Turkey Trot

  1. LOL. One vote here for Turkey Traipse.
    On a somewhat [bizarrely] related note: Check out Gordon Ramsay's F Word…a continuing segment shows him teaching his kids about the source of their Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. Turkey traispe it is, if I ever am a race organizer. I am not against turkley in the name, but Trot???

    She snorts.

    Well attempting to prepare for a sub 30 finish. Ha!

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