mizuno love

Review of my new Mizuno Alchemy 6's Pre-warning, for non- runners, this is probably quite Boring.  BUt I have to say




This shoe is absoloutly super dooper frickin' awesome!  I picked them up today and will shamelessly admit that I actually inhaled the new shoe smell while waiting for the light to change as I droe to the gym.  Ran 4.25 mi in them.  Felt Great.

Lets see.  Initally when I laced them up I thought the toe box was going to be quite too small, but after flexing in them a bit the toe box accomodated all my 10 toes with some spare room.

The heel has a great snug fit.  In comparison to the Inspires, I can feel that ther eis definitely a bit of extra arch support, as well as an increase in some cushioning.  The shoe is still "hard" as all Mizunos are, but it is a little softer than the Inspire. 

Ther first few mins of running were difficult for me, and I at first wanted to blame it on the shoe, though I knew it could be from the donut indulgence of the morning! BUt after about 6 or so mins, things worked themselves out.  My feet and ankles felt much more stable when I struck the ground than in the inspires.  also the toe off, much less painful, though I still have some post injury pain when i toe off. The shoe was surprisingly light, for all the stability it offers.

I've only put 4.25 miles on these so far, so I can't really comment on durability or for that matter anything else in detail.

I'm smiling all the way to the bank. or the track as the case may be….

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6 thoughts on “mizuno love

  1. Good review! I used to run in a pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 5's, and they're nice. The toe box could be larger, but the main problem I had was that the heel is too stiff for me with that plastic wave plate, resulting in a somewhat jolting heel-strike. I switched to Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6 and I love 'em, recently purchasing my third pair this year.FYI, my feet are wide, flat (but flexible), and they pronate so shoes like these suit me well. What type of feet do you have? I'm wondering if your injury was to your calf… Before I got my Mizuno shoes, I was using a basic running shoe that caused pain in both calves that just wouldn't go away. Switching to stability shoes made the difference – my calves were getting overworked trying to reign in those pronating feet.

  2. I tink I'm going to upload a photo of my feet today, so you can go look at them….but they are teeny, super narrow with a medium flexible arch. I don't actually pronate, but I have (according to my physical Therapist) freakishly flexible ankles, so the ankles sort of cause my lower legs to shove down, thus the alchemies.
    I tried the brooks, the 2AA was actually too wide, its like running on snow shoes, I really wanted to be in Brooks, but no, Mizunos for me.
    Good to know, I'm not the only one who find the new sneakers irresistable.

  3. Nope, the new shoe smell is sort of a one time thing…
    Though to be honest, I've only put about 20 miles on the shoes, they might still smell ok, but I'm not going to check?
    WHat shoes are you running in?

  4. I've gone through a lot of shoes to settle on what I think are my "perfect" shoes now (I over-pronote slightly and need wide-width shoes):Asics KayanoAsics 2100NB 991NB 857And currently:NB 833/825 (racing shoes)NB 1222 (training)

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