After a question by NYCineophile I realized that i have not properly expressed in this blog my love for coffee.  I'm actually trying to drink a little less of the caffienated stuff…

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my coffee experiences in Eritrea.  These were taken in 2003, I was there in April and May to work in several of the hospitals.  I've heard it isn't so nice as of today.

I'm a fan of coffee, but a very picky fan.  I don't particularly like the French roasts or other very dark roast coffees.  I will only go to Starbucks in a coffee emergency as I have found the coffee tastes a bit burnt….I'm a bigger fan of the independent coffee shops, but they are getting harder to find. 


Panama is my favorite, but its rare in the US.  It's the best I've ever had. Beyond that I'll go for a Kona, or oddly Sumatran.  I like coffee plain with half and half and sugar, no fancy flavors.  Lately though I have made an exception for the "Morning Buzz" blend, which has hazlenut.  I like it as it has added caffiene, which can give me a boost.  Everyone always laughs during our preshift meeting because I always announce when it is Morning Buzz day at the coffee shop in the hospital.

Hope you enjoy the photos. 

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4 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I was just posting to Vox and saw your post about coffee. I'm an avid drinker myself and would just like to say, coffee f**king rocks. We have different brands over here in Zurich – and yes, unfortunately Starbucks too – but I've only tried a handful. I'm still trying to scope out my favorite.

  2. It's always good to express your love for coffee! I express mine frequently, heh, but haven't lately in my blog. I do like the darker roasts, with French Roast being my favourite, but I'm open to trying just about any kind of coffee I can lay my hands on. I find I prefer espresso made with a manually operated machine instead of the push-button machines we have in my local Starbucks store because I think the quality & taste is better, but the manual machines are being phased out in favour of getting people through the queue faster/making more money.I understand the logic of that from a business point of view, but it's disappointing to people who drink coffee because they love and enjoy good coffee, and I wish we had more independant coffee shops here. If I were still in the coffee serving business, my ideal store to work in would be one that uses a manual machine and adds in little touches like latte art, which is a skill I've always wanted to learn.I talked to one of my friends yesterday (the supervisor who worked in Costa, then came to work with us at Starbucks, then went back again) and she feels the same way. The machine they have at Costa is manual and she found the thing she disliked most working at our store — and the one thing that really, really disappointed me when I worked there — was the automatic machine. As she put it, "there's no skill involved in making coffee that way," and she's right.One interesting factoid about French Roast (and, I'm assuming, some of the other dark roasts — I haven't checked into others specifically) is that most of the people I know who really love that blend are smokers or ex-smokers. Whether it's to do with the smokier undertones of that particular coffee, or whether it's just that we're all killing our tastebuds with nicotine, I don't know, but it's a little thing to know :)(&in answer to your question from the other day, which I have not answered yet: I'm not sure if Starbucks is planning on introducing a Panamanian blend. I enquired with my old store's new store manager, but she's fairly useless in general and the question was met with a, "Um, where?" *headdesk* I'll ask my old district manager if I see him, but in England we get less variety than the US, so if it arrives anywhere first it'll be there.)

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