Turkey Trot Report….

Here’s the Official Race Report…

Freezing cold rain, a nasty Respiratory Infection, and being kept up all night by my 3 yr old nephew didn’t stop me. That kid, he’s amazing, and stubborn, and quite alarming all at once…

Well, it was just a 5K. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to run it, but then my newphews arose early, and I decided the best thing would be to get out of the house for a little while. My Dad came with me, which made things very interesting, as he is a former Marathoner, and wanted me to do several unusual stretches…
So the first mile went well, I was unsure of how my injured leg and breathing was going to hold up in the cold Penna Weather, so I took it quite slow… And was shocked to hear the time guy yell 11 min as I passed him. So I sped up a bit for the second mile, pacing off of a very techincally good runner who was jogging along with his son, attempting to avoid the big cold puddles that many of the runners seemed to want to splash in. Second mile fortunately or unfortunately had ALL the hills in it, 4, moderate hills, sort of fun actually, as a lot of people started to drop behind me…
Second mile split was better at 20:10. And then suddenly I was at the finish. Stupidly, i did not look at the clock as I finished and the guy did not call out the time so I have no idea what my official finishing time was! I do think it was about 29:30 which is pretty slooow, but considering everything, it was quite a lot of fun. I do wish the walkers would have stayed to the back at the beginning as I kept dodging them and their dogs for the first mile…. Maybe thats where that 11 min mile came from, though honestly, I think its my current “natural pace”

Oddly, I thought I was the absoloute last one, or close to it, so I was pleasantly surprised to finish up and find many more joggers behind my jogging….
It was fun to be out in the bunch again, and has definitely encouraged me to take the rehab seriously…
I want to trot again, freely, like a Free range turkey…
So, do you think I was appropriately dressed? 4 shirts? Under armour, a t shirt, then then long sleever, then my Dads extra large shirt on top….
I maybe can compete for wierdest dress….

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