with Family.


OMG, I did the family holiday thing and on the surface it sounds like such a perfect Holiday.  I came home, my Sister and her children and husband came home.  My very elderly Grandparents came with my aunt and uncle.  We ate Turkey and Ham and sweet potatos, mashed potatos, stuffing, and corn and a nice salad. 

But I have to say, this killed me.

My sisters children and somewhat annoying, (bless thier hearts) and she seems to have no energy to marshall obedience… I am worried about my sister as she seems sort of depressed. 

My poor brother in law happend to very accidently see me essentially nude as I headed to the shower after my 5K…

I could have cared less, but he was mortified….

My Grandfather is very chronically ill and just seems a bit sad.  My Grandmother, on the other hand is sharp as a tack.  She is more up to date on current events than I am, and the stress of taking care of Grandpa is showing on her.

I got to leave on Friday and was so tired, I could not make the 5 hour drive home.  Instead I took a 2 hour nap outside of Washington DC…and I woke up this morning tired, and spent the day at work tired. 

Gotta love my family, but I could have skipped that get together. 

I do get to skip Christmas.  Thank heavens.


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2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Sorry to hear this.
    It is poignant that so many expectations and so much emotion are attached to a single holiday…it's as if all the stresses and flaws in a family's dynamics are supposed to disappear in a Norman Rockwell-like snapshot.
    I hope you get some rest today.

  2. ABout to go off to work…..

    Really it was alright, just a whirlwind of a Holiday. I'm glad I saw my Grandparents, because it may be the last time I see Grandpa…
    But the whole thing was just so rushed, and involved a lot of chasing around of small children….
    I forgot to mention the fun stuff….
    Running in the 5K with my Dad as my audience (not very attentive) He was soooo proud of me, it was funny.
    Spending time sitting up late with my Mom.
    Telling my Grandma I work with someone from their hometown, and watching her face light up…
    and reaquainting myself with my AUnt and Uncle, my uncle it turns out is fabulous with young children…and was a joy to have around as he really took care of the boys for a significant portion of time.
    Rest, soon…as soon as the house closes and I move.

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