Diet anyone?

So, goodness me.  I stepped on the scale last night and this morning, and I was shocked shocked shocked.  I have been hoovering food, but I figured all the running was taking care of it, but no….I have gained some weight that I don't want.  It's really not that I've been eating that much, more that I've been eating Junk.  donuts, muffins, the occasional potato chip, chocolate covered chex mix (Thank you Aunt Dixie), pizza, and my all time favorite, cake.

This time of year, people do tend to bring in a lot of junk at work, and I've been adding it to my not very optimal meals.

No wonder all my times are slow and I'm sort of bonking half way through.

Today I'm going back to the oatmeal Brown rice and yams world…with a little lettuce and tuna in there for fun.

I have not seen this number on the scales in AGEs.  its scary I tell you, very very scary.


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3 thoughts on “Diet anyone?

  1. FUnny thing is, I'm allowed lots of carbs….but not in the form of sugar bombed donuts. About 55-60% of my diet comes from carbs….when i am eating properly…
    BUt yes, there are an awful lot of fun carbs hanging around. Tomorro on 43things, I am starting my month long stay away from Sugar, lets see how I do….
    Thanks for the comment

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