My Dog Teulu (pronounced simply Tylee, a Welsh word meaning a variety of things, such as family and Protector…back in the day the Penteulu was the "kings guards" whereas the Teulu was sort of regular army I suppose) has just finished his training.


He is now such an absoloute charmer.  A thin charmer, but still. 

Prior to sending him off to "boot camp" he had almost overnight turned into a disaster.  As a puppy he was very obedient, did not jump, did not chew on things, then suddenly, he became 70 pounds and a leash grabber, and a jumper.  It was pretty disconcerting.  I tried a lot of training techniques, knee to chest for jumping as well as stepping on the leash.  He found the knee to chest sort of a fun game and started to charge me!  The stepping on the leash, well he just jumped against the leash, for 15-20 mins straight.

So, after being torpedoed by him. (Imagine me sprawled out on the gravel track, gravel stuck in me at various points, headlamp flashing, and large dog jumping all over me, as I say "I hate you I hate you" ) I decided it was time to enlist the big guns.


All of this was my fault.  My grandfather got very ill and died this year and during his puppyhood, he did not get great training, as I was trying to deal with Grandpa issues. Teulu is a bit stubborn, but, for the most part he wants to please (I mean he's a Golden Retriever for heavens sake) and gets very out of sorts if he feels he isn't doing that.  I do wish I would have been able to properly attend a puppy class with him rather than this drastic measure…but what the heck.

I just took the first long walk with the Monster dog this morning.  It was so fun.  We window shopped a little and walked up and down streets looking at the holiday lights.  He did not jump on me or anyone else, he sat at crosswalks, he heeled when I asked him to, and the best part was his tail was wagging the whole time.  He's so much happier now, and I'm happier too.  A little embarassed that I couldn't get his attention on my own, but…delighted that I now have it…

Yay Tarheel Canine training… Tarheel Canine Training  Yay me for being humble enough to admit that Teulu had been out of control, and Yay Teulu for sticking with it. I'm so excited to have a back yard to play with him in, but not a back yard he has to live in due to bad behavior. ANd below he is, when he was about 4 months old.  He's much larger now, but I am packing to move and the camera is unavailable….

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3 thoughts on “Teulu

  1. OH!! He is soooooooooo cute!! My sister and her husband have had goldens (they have their 2nd one currently) and they are the sweetest (and silliest) dogs! Great to hear the training did the trick!Sorry to hear about your Grandpa though. I've been dealing with something similar. You have my sympathy and best wishes.

  2. Congrats to you and Teulu! What a handsome boy! I wish we'd taken our dogs to obedience training when they were younger to teach both humans and dogs a few tips. One thing learned from fostering rescued dogs (who often come from chaotic situations) is that consistency goes a long way towards helping a dog settle down and focus.

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