Vox Hunt: Candid

Show us a candid photo.
Submitted by dearbarbz.

LOL I suppose this is a candid.  I was completely unaware that it was going to be taken and there I was just about to start shouting about something…

SO here it is folks.  It's a few years old.  Not so sure I'm all about the dark circles under my eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Candid

  1. Ahhh, the power of straightener and a blow dryer (for my "main pic here) Also the "main" photo was taken this year, about a month or two ago, while the candid was taken about 4 years ago…and I had not had a shower in days….
    Interesting, I don't htink I look that different, but I do have versatile hair…?

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