New Home.

Just posting a bit about my day, not very interesting, but…I want to write about it.


First:  House.  I moved 2 loads into my house today.  It was difficult to get started, but in the end it was alright.

I really enjoyed being in the house without my realtor.  Its really mine. Still hard to comprehend, as I am not sleeping there yet.  Best of all the heat pump is functioning, unlike the house I am in now, so, its warm.

It's a funny thing, you see a house, put an offer on it, then it goes into Escrow and closig and you see it again, and suddenly…it isn;t exactly like you remembered it. 


For example: I had imagined the laundry room/second bath to be HUGE.  It's actually pretty average.  I also forgot one wall was painted orange, I thought it was red, but the yellowy orange is better. It's odd how that is.  I do wish they would have left one wall white.  Ah well, these colours are the rage for a while.

At least 1/3 of my "stuff" is moved.  Will do another 1/3 on Sunday am, and then my moving pals come to help me in the afternoon.  The process is tiring.

I'm also nervous about "the neighbours" I hope they like big bouncy dogs. 

Ok so thats the big news.  My anxiousness has reduced since I reduced my coffee intake.  Smart Move on my part.


I can not wait for Sunday.  And I really can not wait until I turn in my key to my (hopefully super clean) apartment, and have only one home. 


AND, I can not wait until its warm, theres some landscaping issues I want to work on, with my mom.

OK so to the left are a few views of the house.  The house itself, the dining room, opening to the deck, and the stairs to the loft. 


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2 thoughts on “New Home.

  1. Thanks.

    I'm pretty partial to it also. But I have to admit, there is this special ugly lime green carpeting in the loft, it just has to go, but I can't een ifnd my box of socks, so it's going to wait….. and I won't take any photos of it….

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