Another good reason to hug your Puppy

On December 17th, Danielle Ballangee fell 60 feet while running.  She was badly injured, and unable to walk.  She was later rescued thanks, in part, to her dog Taz.  Here’s a short synopsis from the The Denver News .

And another comment from a blogger, on another blogger site.

I didn’t hear this story until early this morning when she appeared on a morning show, looking pretty exhausted, but in excellent shape considering what happened.

I’m really feeling for her.  I know the news grabbed on to this story as a “feel good” story close to Christmas, and it is a feel good story,  (I felt good!) but I also know whats ahead for her.

Danielle sustained serious pelvic fractures which had to be repaired with pins and screws.  (many pelvic fractures just heal without all of that).  She will be confined to a wheelchair for several months.  After that she will need a lot of rehab to walk and hopefully run/bike/hike properly again.  Strongly In her favour is of course that she is already in top physical and mental condition. I’m sure she will do it, but she’s going to have some difficult moments along the way, and these moments aren’t scripted like the movies, they sometimes last far longer and require more creative solutions than what is usually presented in films.  So I wish her the best and I’m hoping to hear of her progress…She’s quite a hero to a slow runner like me, aspriring to a 100 miler….

And Taz!  What a Hero!!!  Dogs are such interesting and wonderful creatures.  Taz was never expected to do this, he isn’t a specially trained search and rescue dog.  He’s just Danielle’s buddy, and that was enough.

I’m happy and sad and wishing them both the best in her recovery.

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4 thoughts on “Another good reason to hug your Puppy

  1. Andrew sent me a link to an article about this yesterday. Another example of how dogs (and animals in general) are smarter than most people give them credit for. I think humans can learn a lot from dogs.

  2. I found out about the story from the same blog you quoted by Scott Dunlap – I read it frequently. I'm glad it seems like Danielle will be OK, but I feel bad that this is going to put a huge dent in her training / racing plans. I've been following her career for a couple years now, ever since I got involved with adventure racing. She's a diva in that sport; her and Robyn Benincasa.Dogs are awesome!

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