QotD: Naughty or Nice?

Have you ever secretly unwrapped a gift before the big day? 
Submitted by Red Pen.

Haven't we all? 


I have not done this recently, but as a child I have one very specific memory of this. 

My Mother grew up with a Ginny Doll.  She made clothes for her doll, and had saved it.  When I got to be about 8, she gae me the doll, and continued to make wonderful clothes and accessories for the doll.  I never got to making clothes for an 8 inch doll, it requires some coordination. 

Anyway, they had new Ginnies out there.  My Mother loved Ginny because she looks like a 10 yr old girl, rather than Barbie who (somewhat) resembles a grown woman. One summer when we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in upstate NY, she and I chose a new Ginny for me, for Christmas.  I chose the one pictured here. I don't know why. I don't like tennis, I never have…

She wrapped it up and I found it.  I knew the box was the right size, but….I wanted to be sure.  I peeked.  It was.  But whats horrible, I was sooooo excited about this gift, that I peeked again and again and again, and pretty much ruined the wrapping.  My poor Mom.  She finally double wrapped it in a decorative cloth bag (made by her to save the environment from wrapping paper, we still use the bags.)  Christmas Morning was a little awkward as I KNEW exactly what that was, and my Mom knew I knew.  But I tried desperately to pretend I didn't. 

I really didn't peek much after that year.  Never been a gift shaker either.

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