John Edwards

Today John Edwards announced his intention to run for the democratic nominaton for President in 2008.  I'm happy about this.  For some reason, I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  Edwards was our US senator and I think he did an acceptable job. 

He unfortunately seems to remind me of Jimmy Carter.  While I adore Jimmy, I am not sure America is ready for another Jimmy. 

 I'm curious to see who might run for the Republicans….

This entire race would be interesting and entertaining if the stakes didn't seem so high. 



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3 thoughts on “John Edwards

  1. I don't remember Carter aside from history classes, but Edwards reminds me of John Kerry – both seem to want to be everything to everyone and as a result often find their foot in their mouth. Enough people seem to really dislike Clinon that she could polarize our politics. The Republicans sure have an interesting case – nobody stands out and they risk jumping on to the first bandwagon that gets a lead like the Dems did with Kerry in 2004.For years now I've wished that Colin Powell would run…

  2. Carter is the first president I remember. Mostly because when I was a little kid we had the Three Mile Island Accident
    It seems so trivial now, but at the time it was insane. We lived about 30 min downwind of Three Mile Island. People were calling my parents from all over the country asking them to get out and bring us to them.
    Carter came to Harrisburg and actually very bravely entered the plant. I remember my mother made us all play inside for weeks.
    I don't want Clinton, Not sure about Edwards, though I like him better than Clinton (either Clinton). It would have to be a really special Republican to make me want to vote for the Elephant.

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