Compartment Syndrome?

Ok I’m officially terrified.

My leg, while it seemed to be getting better, is actually not improving.  Prior to the injury I had a long run of 8 miles.  SLow but long.  Now, I can barely jog 1.5-2 miles.  So, after sitting up a few nights, I emailed my

lovely Doctor and he suggested that I come on in and have compartment testing to “rule it out”  sounds great.  I made the appointment.  Then I thought about it.  Compartment Syndrome is not so easy to get, and the diagnosis involves at least 4 pokes with a rather large needle, to measure for pressure build up.  If it really is the syndrome, then I will need surgery.  At least it is a fairly minor procedure, but still…. Then I mentioned to some of the docs at work that I was having this done.  One of the got a funny look on the face, and said, um you know how they do that don’t you….the other one started to tell me horror stories about the procedure. Nice….I’m really ready now.

I’m scared of needles.  I am very phobic about them, which is highly unusual for an Emergency Department nurse,as I spend a lot of time sticking them into people for pay.  Today is going to be a highly interesting day, hopefully not too painful1

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5 thoughts on “Compartment Syndrome?

      • Cori says:

        Crazy! This came up in my reader today. I didn’t even look at the date when I read it. I wonder what WP is thinking. I think there are always a bunch of little kinks to work out when switching platforms. Glad to know that everything is good! 🙂

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