workin’ out

with trainer today.  Nice guy, of course.  I am back to my not really looking at him again, which is probably good.

Did Squats… leg presses (no major accidents this time), calf raises x2, and some sort of free weights lower leg stability exersise.  chatted about my diet (not a diet, but what I eat regularly).  Was warned not to go below 1300 calories or i’ll bonk when I run.  Discussed my depression over not running.  Then, voila we had a discussion of Butts. If I have to have a butt, I want it to look like Dee Dee Trotters. here’s a photo to the left.  I must say its hard to find a photo of her from the behind, since shes so fast.

My trainer did not know who she was, but then remembered.

He said that it was sort of like having a butt that follows you

down the track and I probably didn’t want that.  And from there the conversation pretty much went downhill….

Actually I likened the one fake calf raise machine to the rocker toys from the park, when we were kids.  He loved that and describe to me in great detail the one he used to ride on…(a frog, i think).

Ran 1.3 mi.  at a snails pace. then biked 8 miles over 20 min.

Good work out of the legs.  Lots of lactic acid, which really wasn’t the best feeling ever.  Now hydrating….

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6 thoughts on “workin’ out

  1. Katiebell, In school were you ever asked to write a precis to summarize passages in 1/3 the words or less.? I was. Here is mine of your post: Unfortunately, two things progress at a snail's pace, KB's crush, KB's runs. KB's crush likes KB's butt better than Dee Dee's. Silli KB, Crush has a crush too! One that makes him confused enough to regress into childhood. Yup…poor KB is still not running like she would like to. But she has devilishly strong legs and can bike 20 miles in 8 miles. You heard right. 8 miles in 20 min flat. After the devilish leg workout and the slow run. Huge applause for KB.

  2. How cute! Yes I did have to write synopsis statements….
    It might be true. We do seem to enjoy each others company. We'll see. He high fived me yesterday because I had to increase the weights on the quads. When the extension machine flys up off the leg and bounces back down on the leg its time for more weight.
    We'll see. I have some freakish legs its true.
    Hows the Yoga?

  3. The yoga is so wonderful that I cannot imagine living without it. Thank you for asking.
    I have relatively strong legs too. My favorite weight training day is leg day. But I cannot imagine biking 8 miles in 20 minutes, and that too after a leg workout. Your quads must be reinforced with steel.

  4. Looks like I fergot to post a reply. Vrinda…the bike was set at a low resistance, thus, I could have pedaled for longer, but he told me to stop.I should take up Yoga. I am so insecure because all these tiny people do it and they come in to the gym looking all spiritual and holier than me…with the little purple mats, and special yoga pants.
    Some of it looks like fun. Some of it looks hard.

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