Thirty-Three Teeth

Thirty-Three Teeth
Colin Cotterill

I just finished this mystery this morning.  Colin Cotterill may just be my favorite new author.  I like the way this is a mystery that also reveals facts about communist Laos, and traditional Laos beliefs without insulting them.  The main characters are all likeable and very interesting.  Cotterill knows how to reveal facets of personality without digressing from the story. I love the team of Nurse Dtui, Dr. Siri and Mr Geung.  I am eagerly awaiting the third in this series.  Each novel has revealed more and more of Siri's mysterious past and mysterious present as a host of the great Shaman…

In addition, though this is a teeny portion of the story, I personally found it so revealing when Nurse Dtui's studies were revealed.  Initially Dtui translated ehr Laos Nursing texts into English, hoping to come to the US and study….then the Communist revolution came, and she then learnt Russian, again hoping to go to Russia for further study.  I had never thought about how a revolution would affect people in this way….

Yay Cotterill, an excellent follow up to The Coroners Lunch, which I also enjoyed immensley.  Pleas don't let me down with #3….

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