Speedo Endurance


I figured it is about time to review my new swimming suit.  A women's flyback endurance suit from Speedo.


I bought it on sale at my local Omega Sports for 35.00. I didn't want to buy it, but my bathing suit had been stolen again  from the locker room at the gym. It retails for 62.00. 

I was warned repeatedly by the salesperson, "the suit really holds its shape."  I wish I had listened!


This suit REALLy holds it shape.  I bought a size smaller than what I was wearing,  since swim suits tend to stretch on me.  The suit is a polyester blend that is resistant to chlorine and bromine, as well as body lotion and body oils. 

It advertises an improved fit and shape retention.  This is all true.

WHIch made me initially hate the suit, because I had to really squeeze into it.  Now, I'm back running and have lost 8 pounds, so the thing fits.

So I have better things to say about it.  I like that it fits.  It doesn't ride up on my behind or do anything else untoward in the water.  My only complaint is that the liner is very thick and does bunch up around my hips, which looks very strange.  And, it is near impossible to put on the sit when its wet, as it really does not stretch, and the wetness and no stretch make it stick to everything, so its a form of aerobic exersise just putting it on…

It does seem to resist the immense amount of chemicals put in the gym pool, and it is rather quick drying, as long as its allowed to dry. 

SO thus, It's a good suit.  Just be sure to buy the correct size and it should give plenty of miles of swimming.

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4 thoughts on “Speedo Endurance

  1. I was pleased with the 35.00 even though I am tired fo buying new suits each time the suit gets stolen. I mean, who would steal a swim suit???
    Thanks about the 8. I seem to like these 8, every time I stop running, they arrive, and when I start to run again, luckily they go. Now if I could make it ten….

  2. I KNOW!!!! That's really gross stealing someone's swimming suit. I've had mine stolen once and couldn't figure out what kind of person would do that. Kind of like stealing underwear!
    You'll get to ten before you know it!:)

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