The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.

Being that this book was a New York Times best seller, I imagine lots of you have read this book.  If not this is going to be a bit of a spoiler.


Essentially the book tells the story of a family started in 1964.  In a hasty moment, the father in the story makes a decision that appears to forever alter the lives of his family and himself. 

I found the book very interesting.  Kim Anderson is a skilled writer.  She writes in a style that is very familiar these days…and is able, as many contemporaries are, to paint sort of a picture of a scene… She does it well, however, without using too many superlatives.  Still, this style is very pervasive and I sometimes feel like it's not distinct enough for a writer to really distinguish themselves.  Anderson would do well to read Georges Simenon who was a Master.  Admired by many more "serious" writers. 

    I was fascinated by the idea that one decision would cause such a drastic change in so many lives.  I was also intrigued by character's tendency to dwell on the "What ifs" in life.  I think we all do this to a certain extent…and it was interesting to be inside someone elses brain for a moment of two.

Overall an interesting book.  Not sure I;d have it a Best Seller, but…I can see why it is.

Oh and Yes, the Cover Photograph is from Getty Images.  It alone is so appealing and interesting…you may not judge the book by the cover, but that was an excellent choice for a cover.


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5 thoughts on “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.

  1. I read that book. I and some others I've talked to felt the book kind of stopped in the middle…almost like the author gave up, didn't know where to take the plot, coasted along until the end. Did you get that feeling?

  2. Yes, I agree. I finished it but it was sort of an exersise in discipline. It did get better in the end, but it was sort of just the same argument hashed over and over.
    I think the problem with the book was that it was too black and white. The reader got the feeling that if the husband had kept the daughter everything would have been fine, when actually, I got the feeling that no matter what the family was a disaster.

  3. I've almost picked this book up a few times, but wasn't sure about it. The premise at least sounds interesting. If I see it at the library, I may give it a shot after all.

  4. I'll be curious if you do read it, what you think about it. It was interesting…
    maybe a little to hopeless, but well, sometimes life is like that…. 🙂

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