And Again….the Gym, the trainer….again

I must be one of the most boring bloggers ever!  So, today I went to the gym and had a trainer session, like I do most weeks.  Well, I like to blog about it.  I'll try to make it interesting.

My back has been feeling wierdly stiff since my quickie trip to Grandma's house, so I was a little worried.

So we did upper body and avoided the lower back.  Chest mostly.  Lots of chest.  It was an OK session.  We got along well.  Apparently he was reprimanded by a new manager for sitting on a swiss ball while training! I told him I didn't care what he sat on, after all it is me thats training not him.  (though I noted his biceps today looked particularly nice.) He was very encouraging and almost too nice while I struggled with the weights. I wish I liked the weights more, but golly they are so so boring.  I told him I'm worried about the Georgia Half.  I did then say, "well I don't have to do it"  He looked at me and said, "You have to do it…."  so I said "Why" and he didn't really have a good reason why…but I guess he would like me to do it.  I would like to as well. I reminded TB that February was almost half way over and then we were going to talk about my fat situation.  He laughed.  I am quite worried about my weight, because its probably whats holding my speed back.  Each time my weight varies I get a bit faster or a bit slower.  He looked at the elevation and said, well, its good you like to run hills.  I felt discouraged by that as lately I have been hating the hills.

We talked about my "GU experience"  and he thought it was funny.  He wanted to let me know that there are different levels of caffienated product.  We agreed that while caffienated GU is nice, it's probably best to achieve it all normally. Despite that I did order some tangerine Gu on line today and am eageraly awaiting it. It was a strange experience to outrun the music.  I'm going to make TB a Reggae CD so he can run to Reggae as well, as he thinks Reggae is something odd to run to. 

After that I ran and rowed and swam. I did one plank, and a few crunches.  None of it was pleasant.  I'm very sleepy.  I am actually thinking pathetically of taking a nap, and then running again with the dog to do some hills.  It's 60 here today so I need to take advantage of that and not just let that treadmill work me. 

I wrote a small #1 on my shoes today as my new pair is identical.  One would think it would be easy to tell the more worn pair, but on sleepy days, it would be quite easy to get two different shoes. 

So off to nap.  then out to run again.  I do need I think to find some other activities…maybe.

Edited to add: Teulu and I ran 1.5 miles  Here is the elevation of the shorty run we did.  I've got to do this more often and hope hope hope I can survive the half.  I can tell it isn;t going to be pretty no matter what!

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8 thoughts on “And Again….the Gym, the trainer….again

  1. Hey your blogs are much better than: Got up, sat in office all day, came home ate potato chips and watched my TiVo. I swear that is what half the people I work with's blog would look like.. with the occasional substitution of Pizza for Potato Chips…

  2. thanks for the comment and i can give you a "good reason" on what you posted here: because you can't ever take away a goal once you set it, unless it's a higher goal. šŸ™‚ go for it, you are doing great…

  3. I hope its enough to get me INGGeorgia ready. Teulu did alright. He enjoyed the smaller hills. and sort of trotted wearily on the larger hills. He insists on carrying a rock in his mouth when he walks so he had to contend with his rock, the hill, and being attached to me. BUt I was also pretty slow, to him, this probably seemed like a normal walk at a bit of a faster speed. šŸ™‚

  4. That is an EXCELLENT reason. Plus I'm still not over the idea that a half marathon is not as good as a full. (of course a full would hospitalie me right now…).
    I may have to print this one out and put it on the fridge….

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