Elevation Blues….

So I've got the elevation blues.  I have about 35 days to prep for the ING Georgia Half Marathon. Its in 40 days, but really I want to be "ready" a few days ahead of time. 

I'm transitioning off the mill to the road.  This is a little difficult because the mill paces a runner.  On ground, I need to pace myself.  Developing a sense of how fast one is actually going without using a Garmin etc, is a skill that I don't have yet.  Sometimes I think I'm speeding along, and I'm running a 10 min mile.  Other times, like during my 5K in November, I thought I was going very slow at the end and was doing about a 7:30 mile.  So, the transition is interesting and a little bit painful, and not as much fun as I had hoped.  So, here's the plan for now.

Here is the elevation for the Georgia ING Half, or at least part of it.  It is pretty much this way the whole way through Up, and then Down and then down some more and then up again. 


Here's one of the routes I plan to train on.  After all my town has the name Hill in it, so it isn't hard to discover lots of hilly routes.


SOOO, I suppose if I can manage this, I can handle Atlanta.  I plan to try to run this 6 miler on Wednesday, so I'll report back how it goes… I'm a little nervous.  OK, I'm very nervous.  I hate to have bad runs.  especially outside in public.

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6 thoughts on “Elevation Blues….

  1. Wow, they make you finish by running up a long hill? Cruel, but satisfying when you're done.It took me YEARS to learn how to pace myself, and I still stink at it. One thing that helps sometimes is checking my heart rate after the first mile. Does your marathon have pace groups?

  2. I think they have some corrals for pace. I really can not pace myself. I am thinking of running a bunch of races to try to get better at it, but… I think it's going to take years as well… 🙂

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