Running up that Hill

It was a good day for a Hills run.  So I did it.  My cousin wanted to run with me, but she didn't wake unitl 1230…so I decided around 10:00 to just go with the dog in the neighbourhood. 

Transitioning to the outside from the treadmill continues.  Today was better than last time.  I actually got a sense of stride a few times, and enjoyed some of the run. Also very little pain or respiratory problems…of course I only ran a 5K, but 5K of hills is enough. I ran on Macadam and dirt.  The dirt is sort of springy under the feet, which I liked!  Apparently pulling a snapshot of the elevation will only show 2 miles of the course, so here are 2 miles of elevation…..

The small hills were fine.  The big ones really were difficult.  The dog even found them difficult towards the end.

Teulu really enjoyed running, at times he became so overwhelmed with joy he decided rather than run, he would run and leap on me….his obedience isn't the best.

I am starting to think it may be possible to finish the half mary without dying of humiliation.  I just hope not to be dead last…as that might be embarassing at an event with so many people.  When its the "MiseryMile" running club race with 20 other entrants, its like, well someone has to be last, but….when thousands of anonymous runners are participating….well…..lets just say I don't want to be last!


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5 thoughts on “Running up that Hill

  1. Worrying about finishing last is the kind of stuf that tears people asunder. Run your best race, There's no shame if there is thunder in your heart.

  2. I actually finished last in the one race-type event I ever did, a rollerblade marathon about a year and a half ago. I ended up only doing the half-marathon, and even then I was last, because I had horrible problems with my skates and kept stopping to try and fix them. To be honest, it really wasn't bad; I was just happy to have finished as much as I could, under the circumstances.

  3. "The small hills were fine. The big ones really were difficult."Doesn't every runner have this problem? :)Haven will try to jump on me if I run too fast and she's off leash – she just gets so excited she can't restrain herself.

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