Noro hits the Hospital

We are smack dab in the middle of a huge outbreak of the Norovirus.  It's making work incredibly hectic, during our already busy time.  Supposedly, it shouldn't make people too sick, except for the frail elderly and the very young.  But we have been seeing people from all walks of life who are incredibly dehydrated and febrile.  And its very contagious so alot of staff is also out with the same symptoms. 

I started to get a very wonky stomach myself today during my first trip to the treadmill.  So of course, like a smart trained medical person that I am, I promptly decided to go to Burger King and indulge in a BK stacker and some fries.  This was brilliant, as now if I do get sick, I won't know if its the Norovirus, or just the fact that I ate fast food for the first time in months.

Of course, feeling guilty, I went back to the gym in the afternoon.  I finished off 6 miles total.  My calves don't feel right.  and I feel pretty tired.  I so hope that this is a temporary setback.


I still have a long long run to do this week.  We'll see what happens.

Oh and everyone….Wash your hands.  Don't use that Purell stuff, it doesn't kill Norovirus.  So soap and water….and lots of it frequently!!!!!! It prevents such a nasty experience!!!

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7 thoughts on “Noro hits the Hospital

  1. Oh, no. That sounds scary. Anything with "outbreak" in it sounds scary. -__-
    I can't handle fast food anymore. After refusing to eat it for almost two years now, my body rejects most fast food/greasy food and even most red meat. Even though that can be a pain, I think it's best.
    You really worked off all that fast food. Six miles?! That's awesome. You're extremely dedicated… =D

  2. So funny about going to BK! Thanks for the update about the hand sanitizer too. I know a lot of people who do use it when they can't wash their hands. You'd think it'd kill every virus. Nothing like good old soap and water!

  3. Ick! That virus doesn't sound like fun at all. Once there's an outbreak does it typically "die out" on it's own or continue to get worse because it's so contagious?

  4. Its the friction and the water that actually removes it from your hands, unfortunately with purell, all you do is smear it about…and alcohol, which is what the hand foams are based on as a sanitizer, can't kill this virus. One reason it spread so quickly in the hospital, because we are allowed to use the foamed alcohol, but not for the moment now!

  5. Oh I so wish I hadn't done the BK thing! But I weighed myself this morning and the result was alright, so hopefully not too much damage done. Why do they have the gym across the street from the BK, its torture….
    Why I think BK is good astounds me.

  6. Its a fairly yukky virus.
    It should die out, we have new portable hand washers all over the hospital (but I dont see anyone using them…)
    problem is you are contagious it seems before you really show symptoms…
    But eventually it will have to just go away….

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