The Nine Mile Burn Workout.

So I pulled a fast one on the trainer today.  He prefers I run after training sessions, but I thought we were goingto do lower body so I wanted my best chance to get the long run in done prior to squat land.

So, armed with a Raspberry Cream Powerbar gel, and a bottle of water, I ran for 99 minutes.  1 hour and thirty nine minutes.  9.15 miles on the treadmill.  I could have gone outside, but I wanted to try it on the flat without the wind etcetera.  I intended to do 10, but really nine was alright.  last week my long run was 8, so 9 is a logical progression.  I’m very sore, so I am sort of glad I never made it to ten…

My pace was slow, about a 10:30-10:20 mile and I had a few stop and walks for a minute here and there. My pace is terrible and it does not seem to be going back to pre-injury status…either its psychological, or I am going to be a turtle for a loooong time.   I actually got quite bored at about mile 6.  The Gel I chose was sickly sweet which didn’t help things.  It tasted like the stuff they squirt into jelly donuts!  (My trainer has odd taste I think).  I eventually got off the mill and hobbled over to trainer boy who was a little late in getting started with me.  He decided we would do upper body.

I immediately started out by trying to lift completely improperly.  I was tyring to push out instead of up on a machine, and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go…I felt very not so bright.  I complained about my lack of core strength.  He told me I had lots of core strength…and so it went.  We did some weighted squats and some arms with tiny dumbbells. (they were purple…)

Then we went to the fun inclined crunch bench and got to play around with the 8 pound weighted ball.  He threw it at me and I had to catch and twist and throw it back.  and then hold it up in the air with straight arms and crunch, and then catch and twist and catch again.  While its designed to work the core, my quads started to burn.  TB said my hip flexors were trying to “take over” the action. I told him I can do about 10 “Girly pushups” now, which is an improvement.    He said, “Now you know, those are “Modified pushups” they are not girly pushups at all”  Hmmmm.  We really had fun today.  The ball made it feel like play, and I was giddy from finishing my run….

I walked the dog today for about another mile….the weather was so nice, but now I do wish my legs would stop aching….I did give them rather a beating.  And theres another one being planned for tomorro.  I may need to have a hot bath….with peppermint bath gel!

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4 thoughts on “The Nine Mile Burn Workout.

  1. Hooray for long runs! You must have a wicked strong core if you can do crunches while throwing a medicine ball around.As for the sore legs, have you ever tried icing them after a run? If I take a shower after a hard run, I'll spend the last couple minutes running ice cold water on my legs and it really helps them feel better.

  2. Amen to icepacks. I think a consistent regimen of icing after any run of 6 or more miles, plus glucosamine supplements, helped keep knee problems at bay last year in my marathon training.

  3. Well done on the 9 miles, great effort. Do you take fluid in as well as a gel? It should help, especiallyif you're running for more than 90 minutes. And really well done on doing gym work after the run. I just want to eat usually.

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