so grammer police, back off, i am a one handed typing bandit for the moment.


it was a brilliant day today, so i ran outside.  my route included a dastardly hill that went on forever.  so long that i had to stop and walk on it 3 times and there was still more hill.  i killed off the hill, went on and was rigt at the six mile mark when i tripped and fell.  i fell hard.  so hard i actually broke my fingers….  i actually thought it would be alright until i actually looked at my hand, then i knew i had really done a big oops.  a doctor driving by insisted on dropping my off at the gym, and they promptly took me to th emergency room where i work.  i did get good service.  i got my choice of an array of pain killers.  i chose motrin.  the xray tech told me they were broken…. and i did not have to see any doctors in training.  hand service was backed up in surgery for 5 hours, so the attending splinted it and my friend wrapped me in blankets fed me and allowed me to go home.  the fractures are in an odd place, imagine between the knuckles and where your fingers first bend independently….voila. 

i emailed my uber wonderful ortho guy at about 6 pm… see if he had an early appointment, surprisingly he emailed me back in minutes.  i go see him tomorro, since i can only move 2 fingers and there is a bad numb sensation i think its a good thing….

but i am so pissed off…

because of this i am missing my perfect attendance award….for 3 months of showing up on time to work, and not killing patients or coworkers….

it hurts a lot.

its near impossible to put on my bra…..

its hard to drive my standard shift car….

but there are som bright notes….


its my left hand.  i am a righty.

my thumb is ok….

i could have hit my head that hard instead.

i had pretty much finished my run for today…..

and in the words of good dr b…

At least you can run with this injury! I can see you tommorrow morning or
monday..just call 68xxxxx

 and tell them you spoke with me for the appt.


so, i may not be giving too many comments….its hard to be the one handed bandit….



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11 thoughts on “clumsy….

  1. Ouch, that sucks! I'm sorry to hear this. But like you said, it could've been much worse. At least you can still run!Hang in there and get healed soon!

  2. Although it's hard to type on-handed at least you can still use the mouse to surf and click around. You might not be commenting but you can still follow along. :DThis really sucks, but like you said – you could have hit your head and you can still run. I hope your appointment goes well this morning and that you're able to recover quickly.

  3. ((hugs)) I'm so sorry Katiebell! It's worse when it's something that keeps you from being able to do all that you've been able to do up until this point! I'm glad you can still run though. BTW!!!! Motrin??? You had your choice and you picked MOTRIN??? LOL What a very good girl! 🙂

  4. Ouch! That must've been quite a fall. Yeah, it sucks, but it sounds like it's a rather mild injury compared to what could've happened (wrist, head, etc). If you were running in freezing weather like up here then you'd have had big soft gloves for protection! 😉 If I understand your diagram and description correctly, you had a couple articular fractures on the ends of your metacarpals? Once you're a two-handed bandit again, I'm sure we'll get a good explanation. Get healed!

  5. i'm surprised by how hard i fell. we recasted it today and i see the surgeon on weds. i actually broke the last two fingers right at the base…just after the knuckles of my hand… its swelling incredibly today and al black and blue…but i know it will get better….its just sort of hard to function…in act i cut off all my hair pretty much today so i could be presentable!

  6. Ouch, i am rather clumsy and am surprised I haven't hurt myself when I fall. Good luck on your recovery. As a lefty, I feel bad for your left hand, but at least you are a righty.

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