book number seven

for this year….


Disco for the Departed
Colin Cotterill

I finished this one today.  I think Cotterill may be my new favorite murder mystery author.  In this book, his humble hero, a 78 year old Communist insurgent/Surgeon, turned coroner, sets off on a new adventure.  In this adventure, he encounters a myriad of seemingly unrelated people and things….a discoteque filled only with dead souls, small children possessed by old women, Haitian vodoo encountering Laotian Spirits…marriage proposals to his "girl friday" Dtui ( Fatty in Lao)…by the end,Dr. Siri has things cleared away neatly.  A second story is told of Mr. Geung,the faithful morgue attendant, afflicted with Down's Syndrome. 

While I have liked all of Cotterill's books, this one was the best so far. Apparently there is a new one coming in August.  I'm tempted to pre order it from……

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