I am slowly adapting to life with one hand.  I admit, I've been pretty sad about the entire thing.  I had my first session since the accident with my trainer today.  He was very nice and thoughtful.  He brought me three power bar gels, and was rather kind throughout the session.  I was very weak, couldn't lift what I normally lift.  He blames this on poor sleep and my Benadryl induced sleep…as well as general trauma of injury… He looked at a few more of the bruises on my left side and declared me a "very good faller indeed"  He had seen me briefly yesterday prior to my attempted my ten miler.  He said knew that I wasn't going to make 10, and was pleased with the 2.3…. Then he asked why I had stopped.  I explained that my legs hurt,and that I had started to get a very unusual "floaty feeling"   He said, oh… the Body High…. I'm like, what…. According to the Urban Dictionary  this is the body high…who knew?  It wasn't a pleasant sensation at all…but I am not arguing with Trainer boy….but no drugs were involved. 

 We had a pretty good time overall, I felt like crying the entire time, and I imagine he knew that.  He's meeting with his coach today, so he said he'd have my training plan back to me by tomorro.

Trainer wants me to run on Saturday, the whole ten kilometres.  I am unsure if I can,but he said it would be good to do, even if I come in Dead last.

We talked a little about rehabbing the hand.  He gave me a raquette ball, but took it away because I tried to squeee it immediately, impossible with my  hand looking like this…  he promised that he would

 give it back, then he said no, I'll get you one of these!  My trainer is a gem.


Any Tomorro is a big day.  I go to see Dr. Ruch  to find out what he thinks of the hand.

I think I'll get a new splint also because this one is killing me.  Trainer kept pointing out that I am lucky to be here with all the specialists….and I will say, I'm thrilled to not be currently in Africa… because this would not have even been xrayed had I still been in Sudan….

onwards.  I'll try to be less sad from now on. 

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7 thoughts on “Adaptation

  1. I hope that you get good news tomorrow when you see the doctor. Maybe you'll get some guidance on how you can run without causing swelling and at least get an idea of how long it'll take you to heal. Perhaps having some more knowns will lift your spirits. Hang in there!

  2. A runner's high isn't supposed to be negative… maybe your body was just completely worn out trying to recover from the fall and the stress, etc. I've found that just getting a poor night's sleep can wear me out when I run. Besides, it's supposed to take almost an hour of running to get a runner's high.Is that you in the photo, or is it just a stock photo?I know this is frustrating for you, but your hand will heal. Isn't it true that bones heal faster and more quickly than connective tissue? And hey, you can still run. Not many people can say that they ran a 10K with one hand. 🙂

  3. i don't think he was referring to a runners high… it was a distincly bad sensation, fainty… ah well. these young people with their slang!!!
    yes the hand will heal, and bones do heal fast…then theres the squeezing rehab…
    stock photo… i wasn't near as tidy…but one thing that was funny…
    on the gurney, as they were taking me to get xrays, i rolled by a patient in the halls who stopped the transporter because his IV was backed up. I explained that the bag was empty but if they asked for his nurse at the desk she would fix it up…. then i realized i was still in my jogging tights and singlet….the patient looked pretty surprised.
    oh i ama whiner,indeed.

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