Owie update…

Ok, so I suppose it is no surprise that I need pins to repair the damage done to my hand last week.  The hand fellow was very nice and surprised at the bruising on my hand.  He just kept saying, we don't get too many running injuries in here…. duh.

A fellow by the way is not a man in this case.  A fellow,

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) information section of the Institutional Requirements states the definition of a Fellow: A term used by some sponsoring institutions and in some specialties to designate participants in subspecialty graduate medical education (GME) programs. The GME Director and the ACGME use resident to designate all GME participants in ACGME-accredited programs.    my fellow happens to be a guy, but next week it might be a girl. 

My surgery is on Friday.  I am now freaking out about a variety of things,my job….my dog, no running, who is going to help me recover… I am clearly not seeing the big picture at all, that no matter what, I need the hand repaired.

I got a gorgeous splint today from the ortho technician.  Trainer was highly impressed by it, he thought it so nicely done he could not believe that the technician knew I would get it destroyed in 2 days.  Trainer keeps telling me I'll bounce right back, but I'm starting to feel a hate for running…. i think it will fade eventually… i hope so. Mostly I hate everything.  🙂

  I am apparently going to be trained to do stress tests.  I really don't want to be doing them, but I suppose I'm lucky they will do that.  My mean boss told me today that since I was not hurt at work, she really doesn't have to keep me working….one of the other bosses right away told me to not worry about it and to just get fixed… I hope this all goes better than it seems to be heading.

Still feeling cranky.  Trainer promised me that if I can come and train on Tuesday we will have some fun thing to do, and so I need to focus on that.  I'm really lucly that it was only one hand, and my left, and that I work at a stellar institution where I can get world class care, and that I have friends who say they will help me….

I have a feeling I'm going to miss the Georgia half…. and the 2006 year of injury spills over into 2007…

perhaps pool aerobics is more my speed…


number 2 or 3 for me…most likely #3….

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6 thoughts on “Owie update…

  1. I'm sorry that things with your hand aren't going the way you would like and is snowballing into additional worries and stress. I hope you have someone to lean on for help locally with the dog and yourself.

  2. I know how crappy you must feel, Katiebell… It seems like this thing keeps getting worse! Now Pins??? I'm glad you're being trained to do stress tests but it's pretty snotty of your "mean" boss to say they didn't have to keep you. As if you don't feel bad enough about this.
    I LOVE "I hate everything". I feel like that too somedays:( I seriously hope you start feeling better about things soon:)

  3. well, i kind of knew i was going to get pinned…i just kept hoping i was wrong…
    but on the bright side, my new splint has entirely removed the burning sensation and pain, so, i have high hopes for a good recovery….
    plus i had a great time talking with trainer boy today…apparently he's about to go for a masters in exersise and sports psychology….so he doesn't mind my tearfulness….

  4. thanks Amanda…I've got a bunch of friends, and maybe my Dad will come, it should work out… and as i said before, having a new splint really really helped….i'm still down, but at least its happening.

  5. I stay in the bulky bandange till march 8th, when i go in for a first hand therapy appointment. then i follow up on the 18th, when i think they take out some wires…(or do they stay in, i dunno…)
    and i think from then on its sort of up to me to do lots of therapy and get rid of the stiffness!
    interestingly my trainer broke 2 of his left hand fingers back in high school, so he's been a super resource… and a great supplier of squeezies…

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