Post Op report

So, I did it.  I survived the surgery. Not so sure about the surgical team though… 

Since I am not a diabetic my surgery time was much later in the day leaving my parents and I to piddle about for several hours.  We arrived on time to the Ambulatory Surgical Center where I immediately talked up the receptionist so she would look after my parents.  My mom is nearly deaf and my Dad doesn't like hospitals, sooo they were understandably a little freaked out.  My mom and I looked for a bit at the super cool fish tank, but then I had to leave, people were all discussing their past surgeries and I started to get very scared. 

They called me back to pre-op.  The nurses were super!!!  They were sooo cheerful and nice and very reassuring.  They helped me to change into my gown…Changing got me pretty upset, as I never wear these things, I put them on others!  I did feel pleased that the normal gown was loads too big for me.  As nice as the Nurse was, she was needing some work on her iv skills.  I now have about 5 bruises on my arm.  I went into surgery with a teeny tiny iv in my hand, I came out with a biggie in the wrist.  The big one didn't bruise. 

Anesthesia came and commented on my heart rate, which was 58, despite my own fears.  They left. 

Dr. Ruch came and marked my site.  he was much more personable, explained the pinning.  He then confessed to me that he was a runner as well, and that he understood my sadness,but said, "if you can give me 3 weeks with no sweating, I can give you a hand." So a deal was struck.  No half Marathon in the future for a while…since I had also recieved this email from my regular Orthopod,

I figured the one would be pinned but might as well do both while ur there!
I agree tho..if it is unstable for surg and u have pins, then no running…
But if I needed surg, he is who I would go to…
Good luck and I hope all goes well!

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So, with both opinions I will stop sweating for 3 weeks. 



The Anesthesia team came along and started the anesthesia…All recall is`when they put the big oxygen mask on I decided this was serious and I decided to cry alot.  At that point I saw them with a huge syringe of Milk of Amnesia  enough to knock out an elephant. 

When I woke up, the resident had installed a pain ball through the nerve block in my shoulder.  It worked pretty well.  Until an hour ago when my hand abruptly decided to feel as if were on fire…. apparently through the sedation I asked the doctor several (ie too many) times about running…I guess I like to run.

The pain ball insertion site started to leak last night so I called the resident on call and he told me it was becasuse, of all things, my shoulder was very very small and couldn't hold it all…. who knew.?

Going to try to go back to sleep now as the pain is coming on intensly…ahhh dilaudid is a good friend of mine…

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6 thoughts on “Post Op report

  1. I'm amazed that you've been able to write so coherently and well considering the pain you are in and the surgery that you have just gone through. I hope that when you read this that you are rested and are feeling better.

  2. thanks Chris… i had to edit it, actually. It's a funny thing about pain killer, when you need it, it doesn't make one as cloudy as when you don't… plus, i wrote most of it before the anesthesia block had worn off. Today I get to pull the pain ball catheter….yay!

  3. Great report! How did your parents feel about it all?Very cute that you asked the doc about running while semi-conscious. I'm impressed with the pre-op HR of 58!What's the reasoning behind the doc's orders to not run with your injury? Is swinging your arms too violent of a motion, or does it have to do with swelling? For example, could you ride a stationary bike? Get well!

  4. hi! i'm sitting up for a while trying to pretend to be normal…

    no sweating around the pins, he thinks they will get infected…so, when I get the pain ball done i may be able to do some gentle walking…my trainer had the same surgery, years ago.. he says in a while i won't feel the pain from the pins… right now it isn't too bad, but…i'm a little wimpy one…

    thanks for the comments. i enjoy checking them!

  5. I just checked this and see that you've done well! I'm so happy that you're out and that the dillaudid is working!!!!! It sure did for me (the IV kind) LOL. It looks like you're really on the road to recovery:)

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