ok, so I find I must blog about my hand….

I started the hand exersises today… the only goal i have is to curl my fingers down… like this:


minus the comb, and of course wearing the supa special splint. 

My therapist suggested doing ten each hour and holding it for a minute each time.  Being a gym junkie, I figured 10 reps each hour…So thats what I did… starting at 8 am.  At first my fingers were stiff and would only bend a little.  They don't bend on their own like in the picture, I have to use my right hand to bend them down.  After a few hours, my fingers were able to bend into the furthest position allowed by the therapist.  That was really pleasing!!!  It made me feel in more control of the situation!  It did hurt, but I was able to deal with it. 

I changed my arm sock all by myself today!  I did not get faint or nauseous.  I will admit, I looked at the pins only for about 3 seconds…they are ugly.  it looks as if there are 6 fish hooks sticking out of my hand….

Unfortunately, I think the therapist meant for me to do ten reps throughtout the hour…as my fingers started to have some pain…so for the rest of the day, ten throughtout the hour….

My manager called.  I have to apply for FMLA  so i can use my paid time off.  I am of course shocked by that.  Will do it on Monday. 

I do feel sort of deflated…everyone seems to have forgotten me at work and stuff!!

Still.  my accident has reaffirmed my faith in people.  My down the road neighbours who fed me, and my behind the house neighbours who continue to do things like get my mail, offer to change dressings, and tolerate hyper boy dog.

I'm such a hermit, I may never have met them, and they are lovely, we are already planning a summer party between the two homes!

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6 thoughts on “progress

  1. Oh I LOVE you Katiebell!!!!!! *sigh* You made me laugh so hard (and I sure needed that) with the way you start out "ok, so I find I must blog about my hand"! How perfect! I NEVER tire of hearing about your hand! hehehe Actually, I can clearly see now why it happened. I think it was God's plan for you to get to meet your neighbors and not to be such a hermit (I know, I know, I'm a believer that all things happen for a reason…. one of THOSE people). I think you needed to have people in your life besides the "work" people. So here's to new friendships!
    I don't understand why your work would make you apply for FMLA to get your own paid time off that you've probably accrued? What does FMLA have to do with getting paid?

  2. It's great that positive things are coming out of your troubles with your hand. Following your progress is inspiring and I'm finding the stories from your past very interesting as well. Thanks for sharing so much and for changing the world in a positive way.

  3. well, for one thing, when i saw the manager she was utterly unaware of if i had had surgery or not…
    but i discovered pleasantly that she, the clean up woman, is leaving!!! and one ofour old mgrs iscoming back. He's well liked and from the old guard, so that positive.. so she is understandably distracted…
    And oddly, its been people who barely know me who offerred cooking services etc… i really can not cook too well… all he chopping and occasional opening of cans…
    but, one thing thats hard is that we work only 3 days a week, so most people just assume theyare missing you, not that you are ill…i called over there because i had an allergic reaction to dilaudid and my doc was like, you what???
    Sometimes they make a big deal by sending flowers etc, but for me…nothing.
    but i should just be glad i have a job…. and i am.

  4. i think its just so i can empty my bank, some people accrue months and months of pto, and of course due to policies, one can not take 6 months of pto in a row, unless you have fmla….
    i only had 4.3 weeks… but…i do get to come in for some trainings etc, which will help not deplete the bank. i'll probably back in a limited capacity after the 21st when the pins get out, right now the risk of getting some awful infection is too high….
    and even though its hard to get things done, sitting around playing with the dog isn't all that awful, if i weren't getting soooo fat… i put on my fat jeans today and they were a bit tight….need to be a little less permissive with food!

  5. thanks Chris.. I try to always locate a positive… I was so utterly focused on the running that I didn't want to mess up my routine but my hand decided to mess me up anyway!!

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