oh how time flies

My mom took some photos of my pup while she was here.  She's really talented with her camera, so I thought I's compare…


and Now:


and close up:


It's actually his birthday today.  He is one year old and a bundle of inbred hyperactivity. 

but sooo much fun… we spent the day playing his version of fetch.

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8 thoughts on “oh how time flies

  1. His version of fetch? Sounds nontraditional! lol He's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I've shown Golden Retreivers before for other people. They're a lot of fun but you're right! So hyper before they turn about 3.

  2. Wow… he looks completely different. My dog (yellow lab) looked pretty the same from puppy to adult – her body just got bigger, but the face, fur, head size (huge head on puppy body), everything stayed the same.Anyway, beautiful boy! Happy birthday to him!

  3. What a great looking dog.Time really does fly. Soon you'll barely be able to remember the time that you had pins in your hand.His birthday is the same as one of my daughters!

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