Vox Hunt: Back To My Roots

Show us your oldest family photo.
Submitted by Alex Leonard.

This is my Great Grandmother… at her nursing graduation.  my Grandmother was also a nurse, as am I.. I think its funny though that people get very gushy saying it runs in the family… I mean my realatives had 2 choices… nurse/teacher.

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One thought on “Vox Hunt: Back To My Roots

  1. I LOVE this old photo! Your Great Grandmother is beautiful too! They didn't have to be a nurse or a teacher. They could have chosen to have NO profession. Some women used to work in factories during WWII and my own Grandmother was a secretary. Some women in my mothers family became nuns. Another Grandmother ran a restaurant and later a jewelry store. My Great Grandmother owned and ran a general store (without help from her husband). So see! Being a nurse really CAN run in your family! No need to thank me for the history of MY realtives! hehehe I was happy to pass along the much needed info:)

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