gym “session”

i finally made the cd i'd promised trainer boy for so long… it was eclectic, and as i was checking it in the car, i realized i hadn't really mixed all the songs i'd intended to, and also i'd mixed in some red hot chili peppers by accident…

here is the playlist for the poor guy:

nick Lowe's Cruel to be Kind….

with lyrics like this: Oh, I can't take another heartache,
Though you say you're my friend, I'm at my wits' end!
You say you're love is bona fide,
But that don't coincide with the things that you do
And when I ask you to be nice, you say

You've gotta be
Cruel to be kind in the right measure,
Cruel to be kind it's a very good sign,
Cruel to be kind means that I love you,
Baby, you've gotta be cruel to be kind.

Well I do my best to understand dear,
But you still mystify, and I want to know why.
I pick myself up off the ground
To have you knock me back down again and again!
And when I ask you to explain, you say repeat chorus etc etc etc

i figure i can't lose, unless he takes the i love you part too seriously….but he is a trainer and often very cruel….

Harold melvin & the Blue Notes Wake up everybody 

Wake Up Everybody
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes


Red hot Chili Peppers :Californication  this was the oops but its a good song, on many of my playlists, just didn't intend it for there…

Judith Sephuma's le Tsephile Mang  nice South African music with an easy relaxed rhythm

Jimmy Cliff  The Harder theycome, the Harder they fall.

The Harder They Come
Jimmy Cliff

The Jacksons  Enjoy yourself  (love the section where michael in pre child molesting days shouts out "you can do it!"  very motivating)

jacob "killer" Miller and inner circle's Tenement Yard…

Dillinger aka Lester bullocks  Cokane in my Brain

The Tramps  Disco Inferno.. know by most for the infamous "Burn Baby Burn" phrase, which has been uttered a time or two by trainer boy… he asked for the inferno.

Al Green's  Play to Win

Buju Banton  Champion  interestingly, I adore this song, but never got the lyrics till today, oh shock!!! oh well. i still like it.

Safari Sound Bandpole pole  in swahili.. "polay polay"  meaning slow slow… apt for a running tune right??

Mombasa Moom
Safari Sound Band

Bob Marley and the Wailers  Dracula  a nice funky reggae tune instrumental with a phenomenal bass line.

Grateful Dead  The Golden Road 

Michael jackson, again pre child lovin stage, Don't stop until you get enough  this song always comes near the end of a run…

and shamefully

Aaron Carters  Life is a party….


Do you think trainer boy will speak to me again after this??? and I also wonder what does this play list say about me???

We spoke for about three minutes, during which time he made me feel absoloutely special.  What a nice quality he has in that way.  All the other trainers spoke to me, even Chad, the one I fired, but mostly they looked at me like i was to be pitied… TB just asked, how ya feeling slacker?  He grinned when I showed him my wavey fingers and said my hand therapists are freaks for telling me i'd not catch a  medicine ball for years…he had clients lined up until like 4 pm, so I left…but it was still a huge lift to see him.  I'll be really bereft when he goes to grad school….

my pins get pulled on Thursday the 21st… I think i'll go back to the gym on the 22nd,…unless i have to go back to work! can't wait until my hand feels less sore. 

I miss : opening cans.  grooming the dog with two hands,  and the medicine ball….

but not really the squats yet….though i'll be doing double time on them…







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6 thoughts on “gym “session”

  1. LOL!!!!!! Michael Jackson's pre-child lovin days! that made laugh harder than I've laughed today! I would never have pegged you as a Greatful Dead person though…. hmmm… Not to sure what your music selection says about you. hehehe Quite a selection to pick from for Trainer Boy!

  2. yes, it made for a great day. partly just because i got dressed, made sure my hair looked nice, put in my contacts, so i felt like i looked nice….even though i don't think he noticed. He really has a special gift of making people feel good.

  3. oh i'm a big old dead head…my sister too. we both agree now that perhaps there would have been better things to do with our time, but it was a great ride while it lasted…Deadheads are an eclectic bunch, you do see that steal your face sneaking into some very strange places…. πŸ™‚

  4. Hmm. If trainer boy speaks with you again, it's probably ok. If he doesn't… well, he just doesn't have good taste in music. An eclectic and interesting collection of songs.

  5. oh, i hope you are right… see, he listens to Metallica when he lifts weights, which i think is just wrong. He has an old soul, but he knows nothing about soul, r & b or reggae…sooooo, hopefully he will find nick lowe as funny as I did, and well, since he is my paid friend, he has to say something nice about it.

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