rain rain rain

It started to rain this morning…it has not stopped since that time.

This is what it looks like, minus the harpists…

Several interesting things happened today.  Firstly I changed my dressing and noted that ALL my pins were sticking out a wee bit further than before.  I stood there debating what to do about this phenomena, when, finally my own training kicked in.  My swelling is really decreasing, thus the pins which appeared to be neatly in my flesh have not moved, but my hand is a much more normal size. My hand looks sooo small, sort of like a small wren… progress, i think.

Secondly, I had part of the splint off today and reached my arm up for something, in doing that my ring finger brushed against my shirt and bent down.  It felt marvelouslly normal.  so, I am now really feeling hopeful… though I imagine a wee setback may be coming…as is often the case…still, a step forward is not usually followed by 2 steps back…more like 1/2 step back.

I am not a fan of rain, it turns the back yard into a swamp…and the dog still likes to splish around in it, thus turning my carpets into yuck as well. It is supposed to rain until at least ten tonight… We'll have some flooding for sure. It's wild, yesterday on my deck it was in the low eighties….today low fourties…..wierd… It's now almost April, time for the South to get out of the 40's….

On a brighter note, because of the rain, I've hung out all day playing babble.  I have 8 words to find, which is excellent for me…I think I might get to see fireworks today, If I can figure out those pesky eight! 

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One thought on “rain rain rain

  1. I think that the rain that you had there yesterday is here today. It was snow last night and now it is rain. It is a day to stay inside I think.It is very good that you are starting to feel marvellously normal in some ways.Stay warm and good luck with babble!

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