The Hand… and the water heater.

Wild, last night my water heater just quit.  I kept thinking I had just run it out of water, but with a 40 gallon tank, and no one showering all day, no laundry, and only one load of dishes, that just wasn't so. 

i am feeling immensly grateful today to my realtor who insisted the seller buy a home warranty for the house.  I wasn't sure what to do, but then my friend told me about how her air con went out last summer and it was covered by the home warranty.  I remembered that the warranty was in my "office".  Amazingly the water heater, and my defunct disposal are both covered! So, for seventy five bucks, I am getting a new water heater and some sort of disposal…

This made me happy.  Tomorro "Steve" is coming along to do it, I can't wait to take a nice warm shower again.  I found it very odd that the heater went out, right after I made a comment to havybeaks about how much I enjoy warm showers.  After years of showering in outdoor showers made of oil drums (which wasn't too bad), or from a 20 gallon trash can filled with water…I do appreciate a nice steamy warm shower.  Its nice that I do not have to pay the full price for it….and the disposal repaired to boot.  I don't use the disposal much because it goes to a septic tank, but I suppose having it repaired will be a nice thing.  I actually think there is a spoon stuck in it…


My hand on the other hand has no warranty. I noted today that the fifth finger is still ever so slightly rotated towards my ring finger.  My flexibility is slowly improving.  I can still only curl down the fingers and try to pull them up to the protective splint.  My pins are sticking out quite a lot as the swelling has gone down and look like this:


These pins  are actually in a foot, but they look exactly like mine, excepting that I have about 5-6, not two.  I wear a splint that looks

about like this one. 

Except instead of gaurding the

thumb, mine overlaps my last two giners and protects the back of my hand.  It's slowly dawning on me that no matter what, my hand will be different. I will be able to adjust, but not knowing how different it will be is a bit alarming for me…but I must do this…it is not an option to remain pinned, nor is it an option to not use my hand at all.


 My current concern is to avoid falling deep into a pit of despair!

I have been counting the days to pin removal as if it was going to be some sort of end to this little bit of unpleasantness.


Getting the pins out is progress.  Unfortunately, my hand will still be frozen at a 90 degree angle, I will then need to return to work in some form or fashion, and training as well.  Training will be particularly hard, because while I was feeling particularly sad, I ate a few things I shouldn't have….think shellakers gooey butter cake and the lot!  So trainer boy will have his work cut out for him….and hand therapy.  My therapist told me to think of it as a gym workout for the hand, which makes it sound like fun.  I'm suspecting it may be distincly un-fun, but hey… progress is progress.  I think having all the new distracting activity will keep me so busy I will not have time to repose in the pit, but we'll see.  And the best is that I may get the hand wet.  Since I will have a new water heater, my hand will enjoy a nice warm soak scented with herbal sea salts.

Now, thats something to look forward to!











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3 thoughts on “The Hand… and the water heater.

  1. It's strange how things seem to cluster together, good things and not so good things. The very good thing is that things are steadily improving.Good news about the water heater and the warm showers and the nice warm soak of your hand.I'll send all sorts of positive thoughts your way (as many others will, I'm sure) to keep you from reposing in the pit if the new distracting activity isn't enough.

  2. Blech! Those pins don't look comfortable at all. Of course what foreign object sticking out of you would be?! Although you've still got work ahead of you as far as getting back to normal with your hand at least getting the pins out is a big first step along the way.

  3. lol i had to laugh!!! I got an image of me, sitting in a bikini in a caishe lounge with a martini "reposing" in the pit!!!!

    thanks Chris!!!! hope you are starting to see signs of spring.

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