update on the hand and a few other things.

Tomorro is the big day.  I started to get nervous about the whole thing, so, what did I do?  I looked it up on youtube…

if anyone wants to see a 17 second video of a pin coming out here it is….i have about 6 of them in between my knuckles.  I don't mind saying, I think this is going to get my attention.  Anyway, today I learned that while my fingers bend in conjuction, they will not bend themselves separately at all. It's like my brain decided the two were one.  What an odd sensation to look at the finger, will it to move and see nada, zip, zilch, zero…. but they do move together..I'm assuming they will eventually get tired of each other….and seek temporary separation or a total divorce.

  This photo above demonstrates my current exersise regimen.  Minus the rubber bands, I just bend bend bend stretch and bend.

It is a lot more flexible than it was at first….so, I am looking forward to being unpinned and starting to gain some new range of motion…


On another different note:  I was called by the local Special Olympics coordinator!  We chatted for about an hour.  She is really bubbly and fun.  The end result was that I am now on the roster as an Assistant Coach for the Track Program!!!  I'm afraid I'll get beat by all the participants!!!  Apparently the team's goal this year is to stay within the lanes on the track.  cool.  They practice twice a week, the coaches run with them and they mostly do drills and 400 meter runs… so, sounds like I'll be getting speed drills 2x a week!  I'm hoping I'll be good at it, that the team will like me, etc etc etc.. This is exciting for me.  I'm getting an opportunity to do something I love and help someone else enjoy something I love.  Yay!!!!!!!! 

I'm thrilled also as she told me explicitly she wants me to enjoy it too, so no root beer floats for me.  The head track coach also sounds like a blast….

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7 thoughts on “update on the hand and a few other things.

  1. ohh…Special Olympics. I never thought about helping them…I could help kids/adults stay between the lines! I wonder if there is a chapter near me? I'll have to check it out.
    KatieBell, you are inspiring me. Thanks, I'm really really glad I added you to my 'hood.
    Good luck with the pin removal tomorrow. I hope you find you are better off than you are fearing you will be.

  2. Eeyore,
    i'm sure there is a chapter near you. One thing that neat is that they need "coaches" to help with things totally not related to the sport. Like say, there is a male coach for girls basket ball…they need female coaches to assist the girls in the locker room, as well as encourage and cheer. lots of them don't know anything but the basics and the players just love them. I never really got that. If you look up S.O. they will have a map you can click onto help you find you r local chapter. l like that I also get to be a bit active also…when my fingers heal, I want to try bocce ball!!
    let me know if you decide to do it…

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  3. You just don't even know how happy I am that you got the position that you did for the special olympics! I know you'll be a good coach and wish I could be there to see you with these very special kids! What a great charity!

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