I woke up this morning really missing Africa.  I'm warm there, most of the time, even when its raining, it's warm.  People smile at you and talk with you.  There's always time for tea and a biscuit.  Of course, there were definite things I wasn't fond of, big hairy spiders, the occasional snake, no internet, the occasional angry mob that interefered with any travel.

In honor of missing Africa, I thought I'd share 2 video clips (if I can figure out how!) of Brenda Fassie.  Now deceased, she was termed "the Madonna of the Townships" and continues to be cherished throughout Africa. 



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2 thoughts on “Brenda

  1. Brenda, unfortunately, like many pop stars was lead down into the life of drugs etc…here is a link to the bbc news article about her early death. Her music is so fun, I think its a pity that shes virtually unknown in the US…

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