The Big Day….not.

So, while my doctor said he was going to pull my pins, he didn't really mean it.  not one bit.  I was so prepared for the appointment and ended up sitting and waiting an entire hour for the doctor to even see me…

So, the cheery hand fellow came in, we went and did a bunch of x rays under  flouroscopy, which is always fun!  I like flouro, because its sort of like a toy to me, though I suppose it really is not a toy at all. Still it's fun to see my skeletal parts "dance" 

The pins look good, in proper position.  But even I could see the ares of incomplete union.  One more long week. 


I did however, have a good experience at hand therapy.  My therapist refitted my splint entirely.  She also gave me a series of small foam beads to attempt to reach with my fingers… sort of hard to explain in text.  She was really helpful and cheerful today, which I appreciated a lot.


I also have a new water heater.  the plumber, looser!, didn't get all the air out of the line though, so it was an adventure when I first turned on the tap… Still, hot water.  cool.

I got 3 new books today in hopes of staving off boredom, and my sister and her family are coming in June for a short vists, so, some home projects are in line… tomorro taxes.  Friday, if the weather is fine, I'll try my hand at applying a deck treatment….i can do that one handed.

Ahhhh, then after these pins come out, its back to work, I must be trained to do stress testing, for our wierd add on cardiac obs unit.  I'm so resentful of this because I would have never ever volunteered to be trained to do this task.  I have no interest in it.  Now, I have no choice,  I should be glad there is something I can do.  I am, but I am also resentful…had to get it. well…



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8 thoughts on “The Big Day….not.

  1. Progress is slow, but you are moving forward bit by bit.It must be very cool to have hot water and some books to read.It's great to see how you are staying busy and occupied and I hope that your newer work tasks turn out to have some benefits that you didn't forsee.Enjoy the books and hot water!

  2. What a bummer! Slow healing sucks, but at least you can see progress. Fluoroscopy sounds pretty cool. You get to do all sorts of nifty stuff, either at work or as a patient!

  3. A typical work day for me is usually quite boring – I sit in a gray cube and type stuff. Now my old job, that had all kinds of coolness – I worked with fighter jets and got to watch them fly, worked with the pilots, etc. I should write about that someday, like your posts about Africa…

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