So, forgive me, gentle readers, I need to blog a bit regarding my hand. It is, afterall, the centrifigal point of my life…and writing helps me.

I was feeling at a very loose end today.  I went and had my taxes done, all 5 returns!  4 states and one Federal.  I was pleased that my refunds covered the preparers fees and the taxes I owed to RI and PA.  I have some left over, if I get back to work, I will add a bunch to my Roth IRA and purchase a Garmin.  After the taxes, I just could not get going. I just didn't want to do any hand work.  I did take a little walk about the neighbourhood.  Eventually I got around to the hand… I would think since the more I move it the better it gets, the faster I go back to a normal work assignment, that I'd be feeling like this fellow:


instead of this:


but for some reason today, I wasn't well motivated.  Eventually, I got inspired to play with foam beads. My fingers twitch uncontrollably when I try to ball up my hand.  It isn't pretty.  So, I have 4 sizes of beads.  the goal is to make a fist, not grab the beads, but the beads help make up the space between my fingers and my hand.  I am actually happy with my progress.  My pinky can hold all 4 levels with relatively little twitchiness.  The ring finger, not so much.  I was able to conquer the first foam bead, and in the last hour, I have advanced to the smaller bead!  My finger still twitches at the bead contact.  I hope this means some progress.  I'm hoping that on Friday, I can conquer bead #3.

Its slow going and not fun. I want to get small shiny things to stick in the hole in the foam beads, but  don't quite have the dexterity to put the bling bling in there!!!!


 I feel like a different person, and I wonder who I'll be when this is all over.

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7 thoughts on “Digits

  1. I think that having some off, frustrating, and even disheartening days during your hand recovery is natural. You want to progress and doing what you can to get there. But sometimes your body's not cooperating or on the same schedule. This is something you have to deal with every day. You're going to have those bad days. So do what you need to do to get through them an on to the better ones.

  2. Must be hard to go through all this Katie. I guess in some ways the rehabilitation is a bit like running. You have a goal (eg full mobility = half marathon) and you have to get out and do the training to make that happen. I'm sure when you started running it was sore and frustrating, and then one day you find you can run 8, 9, 10 miles. It hardly seems possible , but you've done it, through grit and determination to achieve your goal. This is probably harder becasue we all take our hand dexterity for granted. Keep going, it'll be worth it.

  3. thank hopeless! What I find very difficult is the utter uncertainty of the injury. There's no set schedule for progression, as there is in marathon training. One day a lot of progress can be made while on another I can't improve on anything. plus, its sometmies a lot harder to get dressed than I would have imagined. today is better though….

  4. So was Bead Number Three conquered?You mention the Garmin Forerunner – do you know someone who has used one – how good are they in practice? I have been considering one for a while, but until I am sure they are actually effective (and not a gimmick) I have been holding off…

  5. yes! I guess I should post up something about the progress of my hand…
    new post.

    Garmin: I know a lot of people who have them and really love them. I think though they don't work well in very rural areas…but they have improved vastly and most people I know won't run without it. definitely not a gimmick.

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