After very little progress for a while, my 4th finger has kicked into gear.  This afternoon, about 2 hours ago, it touched my palm.  I can make a fist. A good deal of the twitching has disapated, and my ring finger can also now hold on to a one Naira coin in between the finger and my palm. One Naira is about as heavy as 3 US Quarter coins. This morning I was dropping it…I'm so pleased. I also totally understand the movie Montage thats employed whenever a character goes through physical rehab…and then voila they suddenly have a breakthrough and are better immediately.  Rehab is boring and the progress is tortise-like. 


 My hand does feel a bit trapped by the positioning. It will be interesting to get the pins out and see what that part of my hand can do.  it has been immobile for so long that it may more difficult to loosen up than my fingers, but maybe not.  Who knows. 

my fist doesn't quite look as neat and tidy as the one on the right, but, it's getting there. I continue to write about this because it helps me to look back and see that I have made progress….I know its boring.

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2 thoughts on “phalanges

  1. It's a HUGE thing to see the progress you've made in just a few hours! You push yourself so much and I know you'll recover sooner than most people would!

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