Nurse First!

As I mentioned earlier, I went to the reception for the opening of our new Emergency Department.  It looks really Awesome.  It's super clean right now, and all the equipment is fully functioning.  We all really like it.  The one thing I saw that alarmed me was a workman still working on some of the computers.  All I saw were legs coming from under the desk..ofcourse he was fine!

I've been feeling pretty disconnected from work since my injury. It was nice to see my co-workers again.  When I came in, our new Manager (who used to be our old manager, yay he's back, a good man.) pounced on me with one of the assistant managers saying, "Oh good, there's Katie, someone needs to talk to her anout Nurse First, like tonight, immediately!"  Nurse First is a program that swept the country a while ago.  F. the new manager thought it a great idea. 

Essentially it means the first person who greets a patient in the ED is a Nurse.  Not a technician, or a registration clerk, a Nurse.  The purpose is for the Nurse to eyeball the person and make the split second decision based on appearance…supa-sick….sick….sickish….not sick.  Then the Nurse decides if the patient needs to go straight to a bed, to triage or to be registered before triage. It can be a bit tough.  On top of that the Nurse can survey the Waiting area and watch to see if anyone seems to be going south…and field all the complaints from the "not sick" crowd.

F. tried a while ago to institute this Nurse first policy, but it was scrapped due to inadequate staff.  Our staff is still very thin.  But, with my current hand issue, this is a great position for me.  We all giggled as he led me directly to the deak where I'll probably be working for at least a month.  It will be interesting because the area has WINDOWS…we never had windows before…

I think it's make work to get me back working, and a trial for Nurse First, to see if it helps things.  I suppose it will be good to be the test monkey.  And the windows will be nice!


Side Note:  Good Old Dr. V. was working tonight.  He looked at my hand and explained that what I was worried about was not nerve damage, but actually just scar tissues that I get the joy of busting up in hand therapy, so it's a relief…

Dr. V. also made me feel so nice.  He was sympathetic without me complaining.  He said, "I really feel for you… I don'y know hoe someone with your activity level has managed to do essentially nothing all month."  I wonder myself how I managed.

But, come Monday, I'll be "Nurse First" Something tells me it's going to be a bit of a war zone out there.


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3 thoughts on “Nurse First!

  1. oh this sounds pretty interesting! I'm hope that you help make this a very successful program….it sounds so simple, yet something that doesn't happen in a lot of ED's.
    Back to work on Monday! how exciting…I hope you sleep well on Sunday night.

  2. This sounds like a great idea. I worked reception in a family practice office for a while, and I have to say it was so frustrating when people would ask me questions I wasn't qualified to answer. I can only imagine what it must be like in a hospital!

  3. Yay! Our ED has a program like this and I love it. We are usually in there a few times a year when Avery's asthma doesn't respond to her typical treatment, and I like knowing that a nurse can recognize what might not be recognizeable to someone without medical training.
    And I know it's in another post, but congrats on being pinless! What a journey you've had with that….

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