Bumper stickers….

So, Yesterday, I was stuck in traffic, which is actually quite rare in my little college town.  I was wedged in behind a car covered in bumper stickers.  As I was sitting in the traffic quite close to this car's bumper, I was actually able to read them all.  There were twelve.  Each one espoused liberal/leftist views of the usual fare from War, to Sexuality, to education and politics.  I admit, I was rather overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stickers. 

It looked a bit like this:


I like bumper stickers.  They are sometimes funny, often profound in a "stickery" sort of way.  (I wouldn't compare them to Voltaire for example).  They deliberately state thisngs in way that is designed to provoke emotion. Since I live in the South, but in a liberal town in the South, I get to see them all.  I remain particularly fond of those folks who never removed the stickers from the John Kerry Campaign.

   However, I don't get the plethora of stickers supporting a variety of things.  To me, the volcanic explosion of 12-20 bumper messages seems to cheapen all the messages and gives the impression that the owner is  trying to figure out what he or she believes in, and during this journey has stuck a sticker to represent each phase.  I much prefer one sticker with one statement.  I do think a political sticker during the time of elections in addition to another one is perfectly acceptable.  I prefer the statement to be readable as well…No one wants to get rear-ended over a bumper sticker.  I'm willing to bet, however, that it has happened more than once!

I've had stickers in the past, but none recently.  I'm considering putting one on, that I got as part of my testing for Fleet Feet.  It says, "A Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman"  But, I haven't decided if I want that to be the message I want to send.

Do you have Bumper stickers?  What do they say? How did you decide which messages to place on your car?

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5 thoughts on “Bumper stickers….

  1. You should cut your bumper sticker in half so it just says "A Fit Woman" and put that on the back, then put the "A Powerful Woman" on the front. That way people will feel like they're chasing someone way fitter than them and when they see "powerful" in the rear view mirror they'll think you're about to ram them. 🙂

  2. My father is a car fanatic. He looks at old photographs and determines when in time things happened by the cars in the background and the event happening is a secondary thought. For as long as I can remember he has washed and waxed his cars regularly. As a kid I was afraid to let a crumb touch the seat of the car in the rare event I was given something to eat while in the car. Once on a family vacation we were driving along the coast in CA. I started to get car sick. I was more concerned about not throwing up in the car than I was about getting sick!All of that to say that I've never had a bumper sticker on my car and probably never will. It was seen as defacing of sorts when I was a kid so I never even considered them as a way to send a message to others.

  3. I only have one bumper sticker on my car now, from the campus radio station I worked at in college. I used to have one of a song lyric (I made it myself at bumperstatements.com, which may or may not still exist), but I got sick of answering questions about it and took it off.

  4. interesting…I also remember as a kid Never Ever eating in the car, It just wasn't done!
    My parents are not car fanatics, but I'm completely surprised that they seem to be aware of all the makes and models of recent cars…

  5. I've got only two bumper stickers on my car: "Beach" for my school and "Some girls are lucky enough to hike Yosemite." Also two barcodes which are parking permits and can't be removed. Never been one for political statements on my car.

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