It's official, I'm de-conditioned.  I prefer to say this, rather than a lazy, chubby out of shape slob!  Four weeks of essentially doing nothing have caused my fitness to flee.  Yes, I could have done more situps, squats and walking in general post hand injury, but I freely admit, for at least 3 weeks of the injury I was terribly depressed.  Have you ever tried to get a truly depressed person to go out and exersise?  It wasn't going to happen. 

On Friday I returned to the gym for a session with trainer boy. The way my schedule worked, I had to run first, then train.  Oh goodness.  I had time to run one mile.  It took me about 11 minutes, sort of a slow jog.  It felt OK to my legs, but to my lungs…different story.  The worst part was I could feel the extra ten pounds bouncing up and down on my stomach!!  I was glad to be done.  Then I worked with TB.  My conditioning is gone.  I did the hack squat, then body squats, then we worked the gastrocs, during which time I came darn near close to crying.  TB did his best to ignore me, and told me he'd cry with me.  We then did hamstrings, and I actually had strength, popping the weight up until Tb decided to increase the weight.  Then it got hard.  Then we did some leg presses.  It was alright, but I was plenty dizzy there towards the end and out of breath.  All the weights were done at approximately half of what I was doing easily before the accident.

It was a bit frustrating.

Today, I stretched my very painful and sore muscles and went back to the gym.  I ran 1.3 miles in about 14 minutes.  I know I should be doing more, but 1.3 miles really felt like enough.  I did some crunches, and played on the wobble board for a while.  M. The assistant mgr of the gym came up to me today and told me he was really glad to see me back.  I said yes, and said, "My conditioning…" and he said, "I know, we were all just talking about you the other day."  I was like "Who??" and he sort of mumbled something about the manager and himself, but I get the feeling it was TB and a few other trainers.  I don't mind, I just hope they weren't making too much fun of me. I am a pretty funny sight, I come in, game face on, to run 1.3 miles??? I was sure I'd be able to do 2 easily, but really 1.3 was enough. Tomorro, I'm going to go in again and see about 2.

For the first time in my life, the 5K coming up seems like a challenge.  I won't even register before I run the course.  5K's used to be just sort of a fun thing to do on the weekend.

I have a better understanding for people who start exersise programs after years of hanging out.

Trainer Boy says in two weeks, I'll be laughing my way to the bank, but I'm unsure.  we'll see.  TB tells me he's my "friend who's always right" so I hope in about 2 weeks, I'll be posting about my new conditioning.  We'll see.


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6 thoughts on “De-conditioned.

  1. I know exactly the feeling of being depressed and not being able to do anything. I'm not chronically depressed and have really never been (except for when my brother died) but there are days, because of my health, I feel like I just don't even want to get off the couch! then I hate myself because I can't walk from the car into Wal Mart without getting short of breath. Ugghhh!!!! I'm finally down to the size that I want to be but now I have to worry about tightening up! It used to be (when I was young) that I could lose weight and not notice a difference in muscle tone but NOW is a different story! Good luck to you and I know this won't have you down for long, you always push yourself and soon you're right back where you want to be!

  2. Try not to sweat it too much! Your stamina will undoubtably bounce back. I have been a "Yo-Yo" runner for several years – putting in good distance for a few months, followed by absolutely none because life, lethargy or injury got in the way. The first few weeks will be no fun – a few km in you feel like hell, but mostly because you know that a short while ago you were not even starting to sweat at that distance. However, your mind and body will soon recall where they were and you will be on the way to total recovery.

  3. As someone who started a workout program after years of just hanging out I think an 11 minute mile is nothing to be embarassed about. I know in the "running" world it might be. But, really, who cares about that. You have an injury, battled being depressed and are doing something about it. Your body is strong. Be proud. And keep at it.

  4. You'll be back in swing of things soon enough. If the folks at the gym noticed your absence, then there is no question that you put in the work to get back to where you were prior to the injury.

  5. You might enjoy doing "yoga-booty ballet" My friends do it and they love it. There are multple levels of activity on the tape, so it remains challenging for a long time. if I had a dvd player, I'd be doing it.

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