The hand takes a back seat, sortof.

OK, So, my hand may very well take a back seat to my conditioning issues.

The hand is responding well to the exersises.  There remains a big question mark about why my ring finger won't straighten independently.  I can straighten i with my other hand easily but seem to be unable to hold it in the proper place, so something is wrong, but what it is, I dunno. Something is preventing it.  It is not muscular, it probably isn't nerves, so I am at  a loss.  Maybe its scar tissue that makes it hard for the muscle to pull through.  I hope the therapist or doctor has an answer and I pray that it doesn't mean more surgery.  I see the hand therapist again on Tuesday.  and I go back to work on Monday, so I'll corner one of the docs and ask what they think…

Despite the wierd problem with the ring finger, my hand is doing some things now.  I can hold a glass glass when its empty.  I can pick up things.  I can FINALLY assist my hair into a pony tail.  I can use a razor.  I can plank all the day long.  So, I feel like I have about 40 percent function back.  Need to work on strength, but I am just following ther therapists orders for the moment. I am feeling a lot of relief as the hand comes back.  It does hurt, and all that jazz, but overall, I can see it's going to function.  I might even some day actually be able to do CPR at work again. 

Now, to tackle the fact that I can't run.  I used to work with my trainer, the whole time telling him, "Yes sir, I want some more, bring it on, I can take it…etc" But, now I'm like, "No more, please no more…" He;s disappointed, but says nothing…its a funny thing, I'm a grown adult, but I do have a need to please, even my trainer. So, I'm going to 2 a days.  It, along with my hand will come back.  It's just a matter of time. I'm not a patient person.  2 a day no matter what the weather.  My poor pooch won't know what hit him.

and breathe breathe breathe.

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