Nurse First…

Nurse First started today.  It was horribly painful in a variety of ways.

To start with, not being used to our new facility, the first thing I did was bash my unprotected hand on an automatic door.   That hurt.

But, I got over it.  

Then I sat on down in the lobby with the patients.  Folks.  It's Monday.  Unless you are dying, do NOT go to the Emergency Department on a Monday.  Mondays are bizarre days.  Less lacerations and gun shot wounds…but more sick sick people.  A lot of people attempt to wait out the weekend and want to see their regular doctor.  Usually on Monday the regular doc is booked and sends them to the ED.

Today, we had sick people waiting over 8 hours to be taken to the back.  This is crazy.  I personally do not care if it's someone who really isn't sick, but these people were not well.  There was NO place to put them.  No where.  Because of the new construction, we are actually down beds. 

So the day was spent dealing with an angry Mob.  And then the worst part was a few of my colleagues decided the job wasn't difficult and complained that I "get" to do it…well, management shut that down right away, bt those little ribbing comments from the back and then angry Mob in the front just about did me in.

And tomorro, more is coming my way.  By the time I finish April, my skin is going to be as tough as steel.  It's strong motivation to continue to do well in hand rehab, so I can get out of the Nurse First Position.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Nurse First…

  1. Wow! 8 hours? A person would have to be near deaths door to hang out at the ED that long….and not go Postal. Bless you for being their point of contact. btw…I never knew that about ED's and Monday's. I always assumed Monday and Tuesday would be lighter days than the rest of the week. But now that you say it, I can see how Monday would be a tough one full of sickies…not 'hurties'…
    And to those 'colleagues': how about you break your hand, go through surgery and pins…see how well you do….then we'll talk about whether or not Nurse 1st was created for Katie! hmph! don't make me come to <wherever you are…the Carolina's?> and 'hurt' you!

  2. I hate that you have to deal with the collegues who think you have it so easy. I've seen these nurses get treated like crap in the ER. As you probably already know, I've spent a whole lot of unwanted time in the ER because of emergency stomach issues and the patients are NEVER nice. It doesn't matter how short the wait is. I've been there when I've had to wait 12 hours (cause there weren't even any beds upstairs so the patients were stacked in the ER waiting) to see a doctor just so my doctor could have me admitted and I've been there when it's only taken a half hour. I absolutely HATE going through the ER but that's what we have to do after hours. I feel for you but hopefully this day was the worst. Mondays ARE really the worst. I never knew why though. Thanks for the heads up!

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