Digits work and More…

Lots of stuff today.


Hand therapy:  My MCP joints are finally essentially able to go to 0 degrees.  This is a good thing.

Therapist figured out that my ring finger isn’t raising up not because of tendon injry but because the tendon is trapped in scar tissue form the pins.  So, we are onward to massageing the scar tissue and hoping to free it up.

Because of the scar tissue I got some putty today to try to strenghen my hands.  It’s a funny thing, I work with the putty for 4 minutes, and 9 hours later, my hand is aching like I did 400 squats with the hand.  ah well.  hopefully I can free it up.

Either I am getting better at my nurse first role, or things are just easier.  My first week is over, its been a difficult week for everyone…But I’m getting used to the role, and liking it a bit at times.

Running is not picking up well yet, but I am still working on it….

And I’m going out on Saturday Night, so Nice…

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2 thoughts on “Digits work and More…

  1. I was waiting to hear the going out on Saturday night part! YAY!!!!! Now, just remember that no matter who you get run over or tackled by… Just politely smile and act pleasant! lol NOT!!!!!!

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