What to Wear?

This is a topic that confounds me constantly.  

Since my emplyment provides my daily work gear, I don't think about clothing on a very regular basis, since my choice for work days is always predetermined and the same.  The only variation is the number of pockets on the scrub top that our scrubex machine faithfully delivers when I swipe in my card. 

On days off, I generally lounge about in something comfortable. 

For classes or other administrative things, I have a few sweaters and many many dresses for the summer.

My friends who do office work have a bunch of "go from day to evening" wear.  They always look polished and perfect…..

Trouble come in when I need something to go out in…I never quite know what to wear.

Tonight, we are going to Saffron.  Looking at the website, it appears to be a fairly upscale place.  Looking at the price list, I see it could probably be more casual.  I get a sensation that it's alright, whatever…but I would hate to show up in Jeans if it's a no-Jeans place.  And I'd hate to be overdressed as well, because then I just look silly, expecially if I don't match the person I'm with. 

Summer is easy, because I have a billion light summer dresses that pretty much span the casul to dressier range easily. but today it's about 45 degrees tonight it will be colder inthe evening. 

I have a nice knit wine coloured turtle that would be fine, but what to put on the bottom?  I've got jeans, and I have a nice jeans skirt that go with the turtle..but are jeans ok?   I hate khakis, bt for the moment I think I'll go turn the house upside down looking for some.  Khakis,casual yet dressy…hmmm. 

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