Second Date

Ah,  I was going to stop blogging about dating, but then I remembered the privacy features, so I can treat those who are interested in the story of my second date with P, without fear that P might stumble on it. 

So, interestingly I almost never got to go out with P again.   Last weekend I sent him and email and expected to hear back, and never did. So, I was a bit confused. I thought about calling him, but then I figured if he was actually trying to avoid me calling would be annoying. So I waited around all week.  Finally on Friday I decided it would be most appropriate to at least email and see if he wanted dinner.  He did.  As it turns out my first email spooled somewhere and he didn't get it.  So, I'm glad I sent the second email.

I got terribly nervous ahead of time regarding dress, as was obvious in my last blog entry.  I actally took an extra outfit in the car, and changed into it, once I saw the resturaunt.  It didn't help that it was freakishly chilly.

ASo, We went to a lovely Indian resturaunt.  I am not a true foodie, but apparently  Saffron is one of the best Indian places in our area.  We had lamb and chicken curries as well as very good naan.  Mango drinks, and a nice riesling. Again, we just talked and talked.  From 7 until about 10:30.  After this, we decided to go an have dessert at Francesca's, which is a funky and fun place, though they don't have the best cannoli ever.  I have to say, the wine, which I rarely drink, was really hitting me.  With only one glass in me, I wasn't really acting stupid, but I was feeling just exhausted. 

We talked some more, and then went home. 

Today I am a bit hung over, and having a hard time expressing how much fun we have.

At any rate,I'm still a bit confused as to  if this is "dating" or not.  He is the ultimate gentleman, including doing things like making sure he is always on the outside edge of the sidewalk (so you know, if a car jumps the curb he will "catch it") pulling out chairs, putting me in the car and closing the door.   But at one point, we were talking about his mother, and he mentioned that he has "girl trouble",  and that his mother is upset that he hasn't produced a grandchild yet.  This seems like things you talk to a friend about rather than a woman on a second date, but maybe I dunno. 

We have a few up coming plans….He invited me to go to an opening of an Egyptian Art exhibit, and I offerred to cheer him and his friend along in the Duathalon he is doing in a few weeks.  So, it seems things are rolling along, which to me is stunning.  He is a lovely man, with no strange ex-wives in the background, a fairly regular job (Engineer), good health habits, and nice manners.  And he seems to like me….but is it dating??  Or does he just think I'm some new pal….?  Hmm. 

post script: he called tonight….nice.


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10 thoughts on “Second Date

  1. The whole date or not thing is interesting and I think that a lot of people are afraid of it because of the implicit roadmap of dating. Once you start down that road, it can be difficult or awkward to step back. But I'm not sure about this whole thing since I haven't dated in a very long time. One step at a time and if you're enjoying yourself each time you go out, it's a pretty good thing no matter what you call it. It sounds like it was a great da– I mean– night out.

  2. Thanks Chris, It was good er, night out. We were goingto go by his office so I could see the blinky lights, bu I must admit at 12:44 at night, I thoughtit was time to call it a night…

  3. Yeah, these privacy features are great aren't they?
    TOTALLY a date! Even though he talked about having girl troubles, he was just opening the doors for THAT kind of conversation. (Don't you love how I think I know everything? lol) Men do not generally act like the "protector" (ie. standing between you and traffic) unless they're pretty interested in you. PLUS he's calling you? He wouldn't be doing that either! I'm glad you asked him again to go out! That took a lot of guts but as fate would have it, he would have never known you were interested if you hadn't! Some guys are just really insecure and shy and won't ask you out unless they have it in writing that they stand a chance. I'm loving all this anticipation! This is GREAT! 🙂

  4. I'm glad you had a good time. I hope you continue to have fun with him.
    heh, Chris wouldn't have asked me out if I hadn't asked him: "Are you going to ask me out?" which led to him asking me: "If I ask you out will you say 'yes'?" silly guy. Then his side of the story is I told him to ask me to marry him, too.
    ah well. We're very happy. He's still insecure. I'm still in love and so is he. I'm insecure in other ways…so we balance each other out.

  5. I'm still trying to catch up in Voxland from over the weekend. I hope that as you continue to do things with P that it gets easier figuring out where you stand. So far it sounds like you two are hitting it off! Andrew and I "talked" about all sorts of stuff through email before we met in person (for two weeks). When we finally did meet we were talking about things like marriage and kids early on. Not in regards to each other but just in general. I think that's important. You know if you've got similar thoughts. Hopefully mentioning that his mom is looking for a grandkid just means he's already really comfortable around you.

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