How do you do it?

So, for a week and about a half now, I'm been working 12 noon to 8:30 pm.  5 days a week and having the weekends off.  It's nuts.  I can not get anything done in my life!  I can not figure out how everyone who works this schedule ever manages to go to the dentist, get their hair done, get the lawn mowed (my big challenge now), or anything.  I think in part it may be my job.  It's so busy in the new Emergency department, I have yet to have a moment to check my email, or make a call to set up some things, and I definitely know people who post to their blogs from the office.

It just amazes me this schedule. 

I did see my Scheduler has be scheduled in for 12's on the next schedule, sooo, hopefully thats true. 

Driving me nutty.  Hats off to the 9-5ers of the world.  Can not wait to get back to my 3 day work week.


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5 thoughts on “How do you do it?

  1. I used to work in the oilfield and I was on call 24 hours for ten days (with 5 days off) – and I hate it. Is really hard to get on a routine when you work long hours – now I work m-f 8-430 and it is great. It really makes a difference on the quality of life. If I were you, I would not compromise my health, and well being. I would use any single minute I have free for myself and I would not let anyone come in between that.

  2. Now, a 3 day work week sounds great…but I doubt I could accomplish half of what I needed – even in an equivalent number of hours. I think it's all about what your conditioned to do. A lot like running – if your conditioned to run a 5k, a marathon is a bit of a challenge. But, with adjustment, it works out just fine. Good luck!

  3. When I worked on a Navy base we had a "compressed work schedule" where we worked 9-hour days Monday-Thursday; then Fridays alternated either as working 8 hours or being completely off. Basically we worked 9 days in a two-week span to get 80 hours, and it was really nice because we still had time to do little errands and chores after work plus every other weekend had an extra day to enjoy.

  4. We have that schedule for some folks too its called a "Baylor shifts" named after Baylor U where it was "invented" Its like 7 12's in a row on and then 7 off. I did it for a while and that was also a bit unusual. I always felt like i was coming off a vacation, or really needing one. 🙂

  5. The shift itself is easy, I'm always like, whhhat, time to go home? I'm used to working 12's. The problem is I am used to having a day off during the week so I can do things like go to the dentist, etc. on the days I'm working I usually don't actually get time to eat lunch, and occasionally I don't get to go to the bathroom, so…it really does depend on the duties. The best thing for me is that when i'm off, I'm off. No way to take the trauma patient home with me, even if I wanted to.

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