This saddens me.

This event occurred on Monday here in my area. I first saw it on the news and actually turned off the news because it was so difficult.  Unfortunately in situations like this, it generally ends up staring me smack in the face anyway.  For a variety of reasons, which shrewd readers will ascertain, this was a very difficult event for me. I can tell you all that Anusha was a very loved and cared for little girl. Unfortunately because of the way things happened Anusha did not survive.

Parents are now stepping up efforts to get that bus stop moved into the development.  What actually angers me is that the first time parents asked to move that stop was at leat 3 years ago.  The school system has cited inconvienience of navigating more narrow subdivision streets. 

It is heartbreaking to me that the school system was more concerned about inconvienience than they were about safety.  Based on results, this was not a safe place for children, who are less careful, and more impulsive to catch a bus. 

On top of that, the school system now only states that it is "considering" moving the stop!  Awful.


Update  The school boards response….they hed a moment of silence at their regular meeting.  Thats it.  Ridiculous.

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One thought on “This saddens me.

  1. That's sad, and I agree that four-lane roads are quite a risk for kids to cross when they may be late for a school bus.I'm reminded of when school buses added flashing yellow lights to the existing red flashers. It used to be that as the bus approached a stop, the red lights came on and it was illegal for a car to pass. Now buses flash the yellow lights as they approach, allowing cars to still pass until they come to a stop and flash the red lights. Are drivers really so encumbered by school buses to allow cars to "run the yellow" like they do at intersections?

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